Interior decor: current examples of stylish decor, photos of unusual ways to decorate the interior

Color influence

One of the important components is the correctly selected color scheme. There is no need to say that there are any strict limits, since a person selects primary colors and their shades intuitively, according to his inner perception of them.

The most important thing in this matter is that the color scheme is in complete harmony with the overall interior of the room, although no one has canceled improvisation and playing on contrasts.

Advantages of vinyl wallpaper

This method of decoration is considered the most common in the construction industry. Firstly, such wallpapers are durable, reliable and durable. Secondly, they have a large color palette. This allows you to choose exactly what you need.

Attention should be paid to the choice of color and texture, as they can create truly surprisingly comfortable rooms.

Any interior style can be easily decorated with such wallpaper. They are suitable for both classic and modern interior styles. Models in sand and flesh tones are especially popular.

With the help of such wallpaper you can achieve uniqueness and originality in your living space, in any room. The main factors are the right approach to business, as well as the use of quality materials.

Texture combinations

The correct choice of textures in all interior elements is also of no small importance, especially in modern design. After all, a thin and light curtain will not always be appropriate, and it is unlikely that a rocking chair can be replaced with a velvet throne if this is not provided for by the overall style of the room.

However, there are combinations of materials that are worth paying special attention to: A wooden shelving unit with metal lamps or a chair made of natural wool or leather with a metal frame.

Accents with clear lines and patterns will only emphasize the chosen style, and plain surfaces can sometimes be diluted with bright spots.

It is worth considering the fact that modern methods and instructions for decor are more inclined to clear lines, although everyone selects decorative elements at their own discretion - it is very important to achieve harmony not only in the interior, but also with yourself.

The role of design in the interior

The decor theme is endless. Today there are many ways to transform walls. How can you not get confused and make the right choice?

  • For a long time, people have been striving to decorate the surface of their walls, filling their home with home comfort.
  • After all, this is an excellent basis for the manifestation of creative potential.
  • But the main goal of transformation is, of course, to create beauty and comfort.

Today there is a large selection of not only a variety of materials, but also various techniques for implementing the plan.

To give the interior a special stylistic direction, you just need to place the accents correctly, and any interior will instantly be transformed so that even the help of designers will no longer be needed.

Passage of light

The trend towards creating studio apartments is gradually fading away, but such a layout can still be found quite often. Its main positive aspects are the large free space and abundance of daylight.

Very often, when decorating such a room, glass walls and sliding doors are installed, providing a large flow of sunlight.

  • If eyes are the mirror of the soul, then windows are the soul of the house. They can be covered with curtains or left open, although this option is more suitable for a private house overlooking the garden, sea coast or forest.
  • In urban environments this is often unacceptable. In a situation where curtains and blinds do not match the style, mirror film, frosted glass or stained glass can save the situation. All this can protect the room from prying eyes and hide the unpleasant landscape outside the window.
  • There are films made according to the Gesell mirror principle; they transmit light perfectly and completely ensure the privacy of the home.

Modern tendencies

Despite the fact that design, like everything in this world, is constantly changing, completely abandoning the past would not be the right decision. Everyone decides this question at their own discretion, it’s unlikely that anyone can give specific advice, the main thing is that everything in the house is perceived as a single whole, even the Russian oven and microwave in the kitchen.

  • Today, design involves the complete absence of such interior elements as, for example, carpets on the floor.
  • Modern finishing materials (marble, laminate, travertine, etc.) themselves can be an accenting element that emphasizes a certain style.
  • The same can be said about modern lamps - they look no less impressive than antique candelabra and candlesticks.
  • A separate article can be written about the variety of modern curtains and blinds. It will be enough to note the appearance on sale of products with remote control.
  • It is also worth adding that blinds and curtains come in a wide variety of colors, so choosing the right shade will not be difficult.
  • Plants can become an optional, but desirable attribute of the room; almost any interior benefits from their presence.

Works of art, like plants, can decorate any room. These can be not only paintings, but also photographs, paintings, geographical maps and even posters. The main thing is to find the right place for them in the overall interior.

Another interesting element that is gaining popularity today is ordinary rope twisted from natural fiber.

In the interior you can make everything from it: flowerpots, curtains, lampshades, edging of a coffee table or a seat for a chair; products made using the macrame technique look very good. This material, unsightly at first glance, can add its own zest to the interior of the room.

It never hurts to add some original decorating ideas to your room design.

  • In the bedroom, these can be black candlesticks, lamps, vases, spectacular canopies - in general, objects that can become an accent against a background of calm shades.
  • Wooden elements are appropriate for the living room - furniture, picture frames, flower pots.
  • It is worth placing soft and bright towels and rugs in the bathroom.
  • Objects with smooth shapes are suitable for a child's room: clocks, decorative pillows, even a desk, and the kitchen will be decorated with flowers standing on the windowsill.

Decor for a children's room

Many people believe that you shouldn’t bother too much with the design of a children’s room, because soon children’s creativity will appear on the walls in the form of marks from felt-tip pens, paints and even plasticine.

Children need to be given an outlet for creative energy. In order to do this beautifully, you should consider several available techniques:

Wallpaper coloring book

With such wallpaper, the child will be busy for a long time. Their choice is varied: this includes a jungle theme and a car park (they are suitable mainly for a boy), and a marvelous garden with various flowers, animals, funny ladybugs and beautiful butterflies (they are more appropriate to decorate the walls in a girl’s room).

The service life of such wallpaper is approximately three years.

Rock painting

This decor is perfect for children's rooms. Their advantage is that the walls are easy and effective to clean, and the coating does not deteriorate over time.

  • All this thanks to a simple, but at the same time interesting idea, when images of primitive animals, people and everything your heart desires are carved onto raw concrete plaster.
  • Then the surface is coated with a special compound that has moisture-repellent properties. Due to this, the walls can be washed as often as required.

Drawing on the wall

You can designate one wall in their room for children specifically so that they can draw whatever they want on it. This solution will keep them busy with creativity for a long time and thereby develop fine motor skills of their fingers.

  • It happens that there is not enough free space, so wall decor will help visually adjust the room.
  • Geometric style and abstraction help to visually raise the ceilings and give the room lightness and airiness.
  • The finishing material can be safely combined with wooden elements.

It is not recommended to use food themes in the kitchen. Otherwise, you can achieve the opposite effect.

In the coming year, light neutral and plain surfaces will be the most popular. With the help of decor, you can easily zone a room, while favorably emphasizing the necessary detail in it.

Elimination method

Sometimes when decorating premises they use the exclusion method. Its essence is to remove all unnecessary elements from a room overloaded with decorative elements.

  • Sometimes this is hard to do because it’s simply a shame to part with some items, but the end result is worth such sacrifices.
  • And then, no one forces you to throw away your favorite thing - it’s enough to find a place for it in the interior of another room or hide it for a while.

How to choose decor

We have looked at the main decorative elements in the interior, and now we will look at the general rules for purchasing home decorations.

  • Consider the style of the space. This is the main rule that will help create a balanced design. To better understand whether an item is suitable or not, look at photos of professional interiors (this develops observation) or create collages with decor against the background of your apartment.
  • Take your time with the purchase. Even if you are now at the final stage of renovation, do not rush to storm home decor stores. Give yourself time to live in the “bare” interior and understand what should be in what places.
  • Choose a “decorative minimum” without which the apartment looks completely empty and in which you are confident. It may include curtains, several pillows, a couple of posters and a vase. It will be easier to choose decorations later because you know what to layer them with.
  • Don't buy too much. An abundance of decorations creates a visual mess, and over time will make you want to hide some of it in boxes. We will have to resolve the issue of storing all these little things.
  • Don't chase too popular items from the mass market. It is possible and even necessary to buy home decorations from budget brands, but avoid overly replicated models - the whole Instagram is full of them, and your home will not get individuality.
  • Collect 2-3 small sets of seasonal themed decor. For example, winter-New Year (in white, red, green colors), spring-summer (lighter, lighter, brighter) and autumn (with pleasant textures and deep shades).

Rules for building an interior

How to properly decorate the interior? The basic principles that should be followed when decorating the interior are functionality, hygiene, aesthetics, zoning and proper composition. All together it can be called in one word - style. It is he who is influenced by the preferences of the residents, the traditions of life and the tendency to listen to fashionable advice.

To prevent the filling of the room from looking chaotic, there are rules for composing the composition. They are quite simple and easy to do.

Using symmetry and asymmetry

One of the simplest and most common techniques in decorating rooms is symmetry. It is used in arranging furniture and when performing finishing work; it helps eliminate chaos in a room with an abundance of furniture.

Asymmetry is useful when decorating non-standard rooms or when you want to eliminate a touch of formality in the interior, which is quite common in rooms with a classic design.

Accessories for miniature apartments

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In larger rooms you can experiment more with style. Large floor lamps, bright accents in the form of paintings, and even elaborate furniture of an unusual shape would be appropriate here.

Dynamics and statics

If you need to arrange the atmosphere for a relaxing holiday, the design focuses on stillness - statics. This technique is used in classic and retro styles, as it involves the use of vertical lines, solid furniture and natural materials in the interior.

For most modern styles, dynamic elements are more acceptable. To achieve this, asymmetry is actively used, leaving maximum free space, and accents are placed using bright colors.

Rhythm and dynamics are a topic for a separate master class on interior decor for beginners. Good advice can be found on specialized forums and websites on the Internet.

Decoration methods

There are many ways to design surfaces. These are artistic paintings, bas-reliefs, various types of wallpaper, putty and others.

Some are not particularly difficult to master on your own, and the materials for them are simply “under your feet.” For others, specific skills are required. Some techniques may be difficult for a beginner.

What does the interior consist of?

The main components of any interior are three main factors:

  1. Lighting. First of all, the common thing is a chandelier located in the center of the room or lamps along the perimeter of the ceiling. In this case, additional light sources can be used, in the form of sconces to illuminate niches or paintings. Individual areas of the room are also illuminated - this also gives a good lighting effect;
  2. There is no need to talk about the role of plants - they have always brought a feeling of harmony and freshness to any interior. They need to be selected taking into account the characteristics of each plant: lighting level, room humidity, air flow;
  3. A lot in the perception of the entire room depends on the arrangement of furniture. As a rule, the main piece of furniture is selected - for example, a sofa, table or fireplace - and the entire composition is built around it.

Classic styles

Classic never goes out of style. It is characterized by pomp, high cost and luxury. Let's look at the most popular design styles that have stood the test of time.

Art Nouveau

The Art Nouveau style has its own distinctive features:

  • asymmetrical shapes;
  • intricate outlines;
  • stained glass windows and stairs;
  • arches;
  • expensive fabrics;
  • wood with exquisite texture;
  • climbing plants;
  • Forged Products;
  • curved lines;
  • patterns in the form of peacocks and dragonflies.

Seasonal ideas

If it’s difficult to choose what kind of decor you can make at home, you should start by decorating according to the season.

  • The best decoration for a room in summer is bouquets of flowers. You can simply place them in a vase with water, or you can put pieces of glass, pebbles in the water, or simply tint it. Now there are illuminated vases on sale - they are not cheap, but the effect they produce is simply amazing.
  • Curtains in summer are preferably light, light colors, made from natural materials. Simply put, everything in the apartment should indicate that it’s summer and it’s time to relax.
  • In winter, you want more of a feeling of warmth and comfort. This can be facilitated by knitted products, for example, cushion covers, rugs, faux or natural fur on the floor. It’s a good idea to install an electric fireplace if you don’t have a real one.

On the eve of the holidays (and winter means Christmas and New Year), garlands, candle arrangements, and, of course, a Christmas tree will be useful - what would a winter holiday be without it.

How to transform an interior with the help of a few details: fashion decorators tell and show

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Zone the space

“The carpet will help you group furniture into zones. It seems to connect the furniture together, both visually and physically. Also form “vignettes” - groups of compositions of three or five items of different heights in the same style. Use trays for this, placing vases, candles, and boxes on them,” advises Dasha.

Instagram content

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Collect and collect decor

“It is important that the items are harmoniously selected in relation to the style of the interior. If you have a modern, minimalistic apartment, you should choose functional items with pronounced geometric shapes. To prevent your house from turning into a warehouse of a wide variety of (and of little use) items, remember the principle of the collector. Do a clear analysis, choose a collection theme or color scheme, and buy items within that theme. It is better to abandon small items in favor of larger ones. However, don’t forget: the house changes with you and acquires details - and this is absolutely normal,” says Dasha.

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“Any interior without “filling” will seem empty - it is thanks to the decor that we read the soul of the space. By filling our space with various objects, we make the house unique and different from other spaces,” says decorator, set stylist and aesthetic director of the Lucky Group restaurant group Valeria Sergeeva . “By selecting decorative items to suit our taste, we automatically fill the house with our energy and individuality - the main thing here is not to follow trends, but to choose with our hearts - items that are timeless and styleless, simple and understandable. And when there is already a decent base, it can be diluted with fashionable and unusual items.”

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Decorate your home with seasonal flowers

Valeria advises buying fresh flowers every week, making a choice in favor of seasonal plants and herbs: in spring - flowering branches of apple trees, jasmine, magnolia, in summer - hydrangeas, daisies, wildflowers, in autumn - dried flowers and graphic bare branches, and in winter - amaryllis and Ranunculus.

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In addition to their decorative properties, flowers can add a colorful and light mood. “I can say the same about candles: the more candles in the house, the more comfortable and calm you will feel,” suggests Valeria.


Buying any necessary decorative element in a store is not a problem, but things created with your own hands have always been valued much higher. These could be framed photographs, lamps, models of cars or sailboats. Embroidery and paintings painted by the owners themselves or friends look very original.

By and large, you can use to create a lamp, coffee table, book or flower shelf, etc., even those things that you planned to throw away as unnecessary. Such seemingly inconspicuous details can fill a home with warmth and comfort.

Design and decor ideas

Wall decoration can be easily done with your own hands by choosing a certain direction, idea and technique itself. For each room you can choose an interesting decor that will be distinguished by its unique idea.

For example, on the wall there may be:

  1. Beautiful drawing.
  2. Unusual pattern.
  3. Wood elements.
  4. Original photo wallpaper.
  5. Wall panel or mosaic.

Upon completion of the renovation, such decor will help complement and transform the main background of the interior.

The role of textiles

Fabric products can be a real find when decorating an interior. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be curtains.

  • These can be tablecloths, pillows, bedspreads, pillowcases - in a word, everything that can be made from fabric.
  • Light curtains can be made from multi-colored ribbons, and there is no need to sew them onto the main fabric - just fasten them to the curtain rod.
  • You can make a lampshade with your own hands using fabric and wire.

Napkins and tablecloths crocheted or sewn from lace fabric look great.


Interior design must have logic.
If you focus on color, then you need to play it up with accessories. If you rely on a print, then it would be logical to use it in the fabric of curtains and, for example, on pillowcases of decorative pillows. If flowers are the center of the composition, then it makes sense to choose accessories made from natural materials (wooden shelving or chairs with wooden legs, prints with natural patterns). Library Country

Interior painting

Recently, a lot of photo wallpapers have appeared that allow you to create a picture that takes up the entire wall. But if you have the ability, you can paint the surfaces yourself.

True, this process is quite long and labor-intensive; the wall must first be prepared by leveling out the unevenness and priming it.

  1. It’s worth starting with simple ornaments. Sketches should not be made with a black pencil - it leaves noticeable marks, and erroneous lines are difficult to erase later.
  2. It is better to use water-based acrylic paint, and upon completion of the work, the canvas should be coated with colorless varnish. You can also use stencils.
  3. Creating your own unique interior, and even with your own hands, is a difficult task, but doable.

It is enough to make some effort and keep in mind a set of rules that professionals apply in practice.

Interesting photos of interior decor can also be seen on the World Wide Web.


There are no special rules here, but rather a word of caution: before choosing fashion accessories for your interior decor, consider whether they suit your lifestyle. For example, if you are rarely at home, then filling your apartment with indoor plants that require frequent watering is unwise. It is worth knowing that boho and baroque styles require frequent cleaning due to a large number of accessories and surfaces that collect dust, while minimalism implies the most efficient use of space.

Consider your habits and lifestyle when choosing style and interior items. This will help create maximum coziness and comfort in your home.

All products presented in the article are available on our website. You can find prices and detailed specifications in the catalogue.

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