The most fashionable wallpaper in 2022 for the walls of the living room, bedroom, kitchen, photo

Do you dream of changing your interior design, but don't know where to start?
Best from the walls! Although wallpaper was once associated with gray rooms and classic colors, today it has a new life. They are becoming an increasingly common choice when organizing interiors. With a wide range of patterns and textures, they can update any interior. We will tell you what fashionable wallpapers are in 2018 for the living room, bedroom or kitchen, what patterns and trends will be the most relevant. This season, thematic themes and a certain texture are relevant. They can be easily adapted to any room.

Use of building materials

Natural stone (marble, onyx, granite, agate) or its high-quality imitation, stone carving in various forms are actively used. The hit of the season is complex geometric prints on marble.

The second most popular in the ranking of building materials will be metal, which is used not only in plumbing elements, but also in furniture, its edging, and panels. Glossy metallic shine will make the interior sophisticated and fashionable. For lovers of cool shades, designers recommend using chrome and silver, which ideally reflect white light. Suitable for high-tech and Scandinavian styles.

The main principle of decorating living rooms in 2022 will be minimalism. A style with a minimum of furniture and accessories is characterized by elegance and at the same time discreet chic. All that is needed to successfully fill the living room is furniture of an extremely simple shape, such as a wardrobe or bed. Preferably in Scandinavian style, comfortable upholstered furniture. Stylish accents that give the room coziness will be a small round table and a couple of paintings.

Do not overload the space with complex decorative elements and bright colors. The most fashionable wall colors in 2022 are white, milky, light coffee, lemon. Materials such as light unpainted wood, cork, and stone tub go well with this color scheme.

To add coziness and warmth to the room, copper, brass, and gilding are more suitable. Fits perfectly into a classic interior.

Modern style in the kitchen interior will highlight your individuality if you use these tips

The much-loved cork (finishing material) does not lose its position in 2022, and its manifestations are appropriate everywhere - the facade of furniture cabinets, wall decoration. Wood, which is used in its natural form in modern design, without large layers of varnish and paint, also remains relevant.

The most relevant types of interior design in 2022 will be:

  • high tech;
  • Scandinavian;
  • French;
  • minimalism;
  • Cuban (Mexican);
  • Bohemian;
  • retro.

We are already accustomed to the fact that modern fashion is very democratic, it allows us to make bold experiments, boldly combine extravagant accessories, harmoniously mix trends, show our imagination and, as a result, create completely new styles and forms at our discretion.

Eclecticism is freedom of action, for example, in the harmonious combination of ethnic and classical styles, or urbanism and rustic styles, and so on and so forth.

A combination of high-tech elements and environmental style will look very stylish in the hall. They will harmoniously complement each other and smoothly balance the interior decoration of the living room.

In a room made in a natural style, certain pop art details can organically fit into the interior, beneficially diluting its monochrome.

Fashionable colors and designs

Designers began to approve of more complex shade options. These are the colors of eggplant, sea green or many olive shades.

Bright collections are also considered popular: orange, turquoise, yellowish and pink, chocolate also have their admirers. These shades promote positive energy in any home.

Photo wallpapers continue to remain at the top of consumer demand. Clients love to fill their homes with beautiful images taken from nature. In 2022, they learned how to create them in the form of simulating the presence of certain elements. These could be bookshelves or a fireplace.

Abstract shapes on the canvases help create an accompaniment for the modern style of the interior of a living space. They are used to visually change the geometry of a room. It looks amazing and unusual.

All of the listed variations are firmly rooted in the market and will not fade into the shadows in the near future. You can safely use them and not be afraid that they will go out of trend.

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Minimalism in the design and interior of the hall 2018

If you have a small apartment and it has a living room, the minimalist style will suit you - this is a real way out of a difficult situation that cannot be corrected in any other way. Vertical mirrors, and the smaller the room, the larger the mirror should be.

In this case, furniture with shiny leather upholstery will also help, as well as glossy furniture facades, which will advantageously create the illusion of spaciousness in a small living room. Light furniture of simple design is also indispensable in a minimalist interior.

Nowadays retro minimalism in the style of the 60s is becoming more and more popular. Thanks to its modest forms and bright, shocking colors, this style of modern hall is becoming more and more popular, which we expect in the coming 2022.  

There are more and more supporters of breadth and comfort, which is why studio apartments that do not have a clear distinction between functional zones are becoming so popular. The main thing is more air and less unnecessary furniture. Light glass partitions can be used for separation.

Choosing a design for a corner kitchen is painstaking and exciting work; read how to do it correctly here.

As for the color scheme, the trend is classic black and white, all shades of gray, blue, light blue, marsala, emerald, terracotta, pink.

A little about current wallpaper fashion trends?

Nowadays, modern wallpaper in the interior is considered the most important element. They have beauty, uniqueness and entered the Renaissance period. This is noticeable based on classic views and photo wallpapers.

This year, the desire of producers to establish a rapprochement between man and nature is noticeable. It was natural motives that turned out to be in trend. And this is the main result of the whole season.

An unprecedented variety has formed and it has become easier to choose. Everyone will be able to find a suitable motive to reflect their personality without fear of becoming known as a person without taste.

Ecological style in the 2022 hall

Our desire for environmental cleanliness and safety is a modern requirement, which is expressed in the interior design of our homes. It is for this reason that the ecological style not only does not lose its relevance every year, but also gains more and more supporters.

You can decorate your apartment in accordance with the ecological style and natural requirements in a variety of available ways. The main and even indispensable condition is that strictly natural, environmentally friendly materials should be used when decorating your home.

You can design a hall (living room) using environmentally friendly materials, for example, in the following way - decorate the walls and ceiling and walls in an original way with wooden beams, and also make inserts from stone.

Ecological style allows you to create a warm atmosphere of natural warmth in the interior of the living room in a modern design. The brightest modernist accessories and decors will fit perfectly into the interior using an ecological style.

Ecological style does not have to be expressed in finishing with only wood or stone. This can be finished with natural fabrics and bright textile accessories, although the color scheme can be neutral shades.

What textures are popular?

Depending on the production technology and materials used, the texture of the wallpaper can be velvety, silky and smooth. The most common invoices:

  • linen - the appearance of dense fabric;
  • sand - fine-grained coating;
  • canvas - imitation of the porous structure of the material;
  • plaster - distinctly careless strokes on the surface.

Textured wallpapers have dramatic reliefs, often with abstract prints and rough surfaces. Mostly these are non-woven wallpapers, which can be:

  • granular;
  • fibrous;
  • porous;
  • bubbly.

Photo gallery: variety of textures

Fashionable color 2022 in the design of the hall (living room)

Next year 2022, one of the trending colors in design should be burgundy, gold, bright red, emerald, lemon, black, gray and cherry.

Since all of the listed colors are themselves quite bright and saturated, in the interior of the hall (living room), they will necessarily require diluting themselves with other, calmer tones. These colors harmonize perfectly with the white interior.

All shades of beige will not lose their relevance in apartment design. Due to its practicality, it is appropriate and harmoniously combines with any colors and shades, in almost all styles.

Emerald and amber will be fashionable shades in the upcoming season. These shades in the interior of the hall will give a feeling of confidence and calm.

Gray and black tones in the design of the living room, in harmonious combination with white, will always be popular and relevant. Gray and black colors will emphasize the elegance of the interior decoration of the hall and will advantageously create a neutral platform for placing a variety of accents.

Black and white classics will also remain in the fashion trend; it will be popular and offered by fashionable living room designers in the coming 2018 for interior design and living room design. The interior in this color combination will never become outdated.

The material posted here will help make a kitchen with a refrigerator more comfortable and functional.

In conclusion, I would like to say separately about the flooring, which is directly related to the design of the apartment.

Particular attention in the design of the living room in the coming year should be paid to the floor covering. Agree - changing wallpaper is not difficult, walls can be updated at least every year, but changing the floor covering often is problematic and expensive.

What do fashion designers offer for the next season as flooring?

  • Natural parquet that does not age and has not lost its relevance.
  • Polished or matte parquet boards are in demand, which are an order of magnitude cheaper than parquet, but outwardly no different from natural parquet.
  • Floor tiles retain their appearance well, they are resistant to deformation and damage, and look quite stylish and modern.
  • Carpet is an unpretentious and durable finishing material that will retain heat in the room (living room) and also improves sound insulation.

The living room in a modern apartment is the place where every person spends a significant part of his time. It is in the living room that people have long conversations with friends and family, watch movies and do everyday things. There are many design options for a living room in a Khrushchev-era building; below we will look at a few of them.

“Khrushchevka” now causes surprise and disdain. Some people like to criticize these small apartments. But, thanks to the correct use of space and simple interior design techniques, it has now become possible to turn a small-sized apartment into an object of envy.

How to decide on the choice of wallpaper in 2022?

There comes a time for every owner when he wants to change something in his home. Typically, renovations begin with replacing wall decorations. They occupy a central place in the apartment. And this is where the difficulties begin. You have to choose from many new products. And we learn that each of them has its own advantages.

There are options made from environmentally friendly materials. With the ability to allow air to pass through, easy to wash, and others - we are talking about the hit of the season non-woven fabrics for walls.

Important: Previously, everyone was looking for durable modifications so that they would last a long time. Now the entire market offers durable and reliable products. This is hard to surprise. Therefore, now buyers have begun to focus more on design properties.

Everyone learned that the high-quality background of an apartment can influence mood, physical condition, and predisposition to rest or wakefulness. Some canvases are well suited for a bedroom, where a person relaxes, and others for a study, to create the necessary atmosphere. Let's look at the main photo options for fashionable wallpaper for different purposes.

Modern interior of a Khrushchev living room: flooring

The year is 2022, which means that the time has long come to move away from ordinary ideas and move on to something new and more practical. The modern interior of a Khrushchev-era living room allows you to turn it into a multifunctional room that will combine the functions of a kitchen, an office and even a bedroom, and if you approach the interior creatively, you can get a stylish and practical room that will not get boring with its appearance for quite a long time. For the living room, as for any room in principle, various flooring options are suitable.

In a small “Khrushchev”, the floor will visually increase the space if it is laid out diagonally.

Ceiling finishing

Ceilings can be made of three types: a regular ceiling, a suspended ceiling or various suspended structures. When decorating the ceiling, the modern design of 2022 promotes the idea of ​​abandoning huge structures in favor of laconicism and neatness. At all times, a popular type of ceiling was a perfectly leveled and bleached ceiling. Nothing has changed now. This method is cheap and simple.

Stretch ceilings are free from this defect. They will last a long time and there is no hint of yellowing. This is an ideal choice for any room, including the living room. The hit of the season are various hanging structures with multiple lighting options, with which you can emphasize the space of the room and give the living room an extraordinary look. In terms of price, this is the most expensive type of ceiling.

Modern ideas in wall decoration

In modern apartments, you can less and less notice that someone is gluing wallpaper. It is much more popular now to paint walls in one color (white, gray, black), or you can line the walls with bricks. A very interesting option is a mix of all kinds of variations. This method allows you to focus attention on one of the walls, which will differ in its design from the other three.

Nowadays, the use of decorative bricks is in trend. This technique began to be used in the recently emerged loft style. But more and more often you can find brick finishing in ordinary houses, since this type of finishing fits perfectly into any type of interior.


  • Vinyl wallpaper on non-woven fabric.
  • Roll width 53 cm.
  • 100% beautiful designs that imitate the texture of linen.

Watch the video review and photos of wallpaper As you can see, wallpaper from Germany confidently took the first 5 places.
And it is not at all surprising that as many as four collections from one manufacturer divided the “gold” and “silver” among themselves. The wallpaper collections mentioned in the rating (like many others presented in our store) offer almost endless scope for creativity

. Experiment, combine colors and styles, focusing on fashion trends - and your home will always be stylish and very cozy. We hope that we have helped you understand the trends of both the past and the coming year, and with our help, your home will become a true work of art.

Choosing furniture and lighting

The basis of any living room is upholstered furniture. People often spend time in the living room after a hard day at work, which means that the most important criterion when choosing furniture is its comfort. You should also remember that it is common to spill juice on the sofa, or stain it with ketchup. You should choose furniture with upholstery that is easy to clean.

Corner sofas are the most popular now. Unfortunately, the dimensions of the “Khrushchev” do not allow the full potential of modern design to be fully realized, but choosing a sofa that is suitable in size will not be difficult. Unusually comfortable and multifunctional ottomans will fit into any interior.

They are very comfortable to sit on and can be used as a table if necessary.

“Khrushchevka” has low ceilings, which slightly complicates the task of lighting. It would be absolutely inappropriate to use huge chandeliers, especially those located in the middle of the room. To give your living room your own style and, more importantly, practical lighting, you should give preference to light flooring. Not only will it look modern, but it can also illuminate the room further by reflecting light.

Modern wallpaper: new items 2022 – 2022

In our country, wallpaper has always played a significant role in cozy design. Have you ever had to make a difficult decision when choosing wallpaper? And what is more important to you – fashion or personal preferences?

Fashion trends: living room zoning

As was written just above, it is now fashionable to combine the functionality of different rooms in one. You can ideally combine a bedroom with the living room by separating the sleeping area from the main room with a plasterboard wall. Using this simple method, you can visually expand the space in a rather small “Khrushchev”. If there is a balcony, it should be glazed, which creates a little more space that can be demarcated to create a workplace and a place to relax in one room.

There are a lot of ways to zone space:

  • through furniture: corner sofas and wardrobes;
  • playing with light;
  • use of various partitions.

The easiest way to divide any room into zones is to use different colors when decorating each part of the room.

So, what techniques can be used when designing a Khrushchev living room?

Using white when decorating the walls will visually expand the space, as will the floor, laid out diagonally. To preserve an already small space, you should abandon bulky interior parts. To visually give the room more spaciousness and make it more attractive, it is recommended to use more light sources.

Separately, it is worth highlighting this type of furniture as complex. Such furniture can combine a sleeping and working space. You can often find beds of this type that are assembled into a computer desk. For rooms with limited space this is an excellent solution. You should also widen door and window openings if possible. This will not only increase the space, but also provide additional light into the room.

What types of wallpaper are there?

Modern manufacturers have created types of wallpaper suitable for any purpose. They stand out due to their patterns, texture, and finishing. Each season is characterized by the emergence of a new trend.

By performing a skillful combination of wallpapers, you can cope with a number of important tasks. They allow you to carry out reasonable zoning of the room space, hide unsightly parts of the walls, visually extend or reduce the area of ​​the room, brightening or darkening its territory.

Wallpaper has gained popularity all over the planet - Russians are considered world leaders in the amount of their use in the finishing process of residential premises.


The Russian one appeared in 2008 and in a very short period managed to win the love and recognition of many connoisseurs of high quality and practicality. This brand produces reliable and durable coatings at a relatively low cost. The assortment of this brand includes more than 20 collections, including economy, middle and luxury class products.

The Loimina factory, for more than 10 years, has been the only manufacturer in Russia producing non-woven, eco-friendly wallpaper, without the use of PVC. The wallpaper is suitable for people prone to allergies.

The only disadvantage of the canvases of this Russian brand is the difficult gluing. In addition, you can often end up with defective batches.


They are formed by a mixture of cotton and cellulose fibers with dyes and special glue. This is mixed in water and sent to the walls following the instructions. They create an antiseptic coating and do not burn. Convenient for covering the walls of office or living rooms.

With their help, you can create any design to suit all styles, which is very popular with craftsmen who have the skills to work with this complex type of wallpaper.

Tip: Designers have learned to incorporate wallpaper into a variety of styles. But it is worth highlighting two main techniques for using them in the process of creating a suitable decoration for the room.

The first is that they play a leading role in the interior. Its other elements only complement their properties. Secondly, with their help, an emphasis is created on some of the areas of the room. It is important to maintain a sense of proportion and avoid overshadowing the rest of the design with their bright qualities.


One of the largest companies at the moment is ASCreation. The opening of this factory was relatively recent - in 1974, but after just one year of its existence, this manufacturer was chosen by people all over the world.

The main advantage of the brand is its wide range. In the catalog you can choose: vinyl, non-woven, anti-vandal and paintable wallpaper. Various techniques are used for decoration: stenciling, intaglio printing, painting and other methods. The products of this manufacturer are easy to care for and can be easily cleaned wet or dry.

The cost of one roll is in the average price range.

Luscious wallpaper from the ASCreation brand

Types of wallpaper

To understand modern materials for wall coverings, it is better to familiarize yourself with the rating before purchasing. It is compiled based on customer reviews and expresses the opinion of online stores.

The rating of the best wallpaper for walls looks like this:

  • paper;
  • vinyl;
  • acrylic;
  • non-woven;
  • textile;
  • glass wallpaper;
  • metal;
  • natural;
  • liquid;
  • photo wallpaper;
  • wallpaper for painting;
  • eco wallpaper;
  • velor

Fashionable wallpaper selection 2022

It is important to study the characteristics of each species.


Often used to cover walls. They are inexpensive. They have a smooth or convex surface. There are single-layer or double-layer.

  • allow air to pass through
  • environmentally friendly
  • Canvases are easily glued and adjusted to each other
  • fade under the sun's rays
  • absorbs foreign odors
  • afraid of humidity, difficult to clean from stains and dirt
  • short service life - approximately 5 years

Production is carried out in Germany by AS Creation, Erismann, Rasch factories, in Italy - Sirpi, Zambaiti, Limonta. Famous factories in Russia include Saratov Wallpaper, Moscow Wallpaper Factory, Mayakprint, and Avangard. In Ukraine there is a Slavic Wallpaper factory.

The price of a roll from Russian manufacturers is from 100 rubles, foreign manufacturers offer from 1000 rubles.


The smooth or textured surface is covered with foamed vinyl. Paper or non-woven fabric is used as a base. They produce vinyl wallpaper in silk-screen printing style. There are types for painting.

The advantages include:

  • resistant to moisture, easy to wash and clean;
  • do not fade in the sun, maintaining the original color;
  • the relief of the pattern visually hides slight unevenness of the walls;
  • Wallpaper is repainted many times before painting.

Vinyl wallpapers

They do not allow air to pass through. This is considered a disadvantage of vinyl coverings. But they can be used to decorate the walls of the bathroom and kitchen if the ventilation works well.

The decorative top layer releases very few harmful substances when heated.

Produced in many countries. The most famous manufacturers are:

  1. In Germany: Rush - a roll costs from 300 rubles, Erisman - from 580 rubles, Marburg - from 660 rubles.
  2. GranDeco - Belgian production, roll price - from 800 rubles.
  3. Italian manufacturers: Limonta offers for 1300 rubles. and higher; Zambaiti – from 850, new collections – over 2900 rubles; Sirpi – from 1400 rubles;
  4. Manufacturers in Russia - Elysium, Palitra, Victoria Stenova brand. A roll from Palitra costs from 450 rubles.
  5. Ukraine – Versailles, Sintra, Vinil, Golden Fleece, Crocus, Eden, Lanita. Cost – from 400 rubles.


Acrylic wallpapers are almost no different from vinyl ones. The front side of the canvas is covered with foamed acrylic. Acrylic is applied pointwise onto the paper base. The application layer is not continuous and not thick in thickness compared to vinyl coating.

After spraying, the surface becomes vapor-permeable, which is useful for living rooms.

They have a relief pattern, but the range is not wide. Pastel colors are often used. Wallpaper covering can be given a tone, but the number of stains is limited.

Produced in Italy, Germany, USA, Ukraine, England, Russia. The minimum price per roll is RUB 3,200.


The basis of non-woven wallpaper is cellulose fibers. The fabric is made using a non-woven method. It acquires density and becomes strong.

Non-woven fabric is decorated by applying a layer of vinyl. They produce non-woven fabrics for painting.

Beautiful non-woven wallpaper in the room

This wallpaper without vinyl coating is environmentally friendly and safe.


  • there is no shrinkage when the canvas dries;
  • pasting is not difficult;
  • high strength when compared with paper wallpaper;
  • not afraid of moisture;
  • you can decorate both walls and ceilings;
  • has good vapor permeability. Used in living rooms;
  • used more often for painting.

Popular brands include Italian (Sirpi, Limonta, Sangiorgio), Swedish (Duro, ECO, Wellton Fliz), Belgian (Calcutta), German (Marburg, Erfurt), Russian (Erismann, Palitra, ART, Elysium, Loyman), Ukrainian ( Sintra, Versailles, Dnepromain, Eden). The minimum price per roll is 600 rubles.


The paper or non-woven base is covered with fabric. Cotton, jute, polyester, silk, velor, linen are used as textiles.

The material is not cheap. Price and quality depend on the textile with which the wallpaper is decorated.

Antistatic agents and fire retardants are used for processing. The surface with linen decor is additionally treated with an antiseptic.

Textile wallpaper is trending in 2022

  • give the room luxury and exclusivity
  • environmentally friendly, made from natural fabrics
  • wide rolls up to 10 meters, you can paste over walls without seams
  • do not deteriorate from ultraviolet rays
  • good level of noise and heat insulation.
  • fabric covering absorbs odors
  • cannot be cleaned with water or detergents
  • difficult to paste over
  • high price

The main producers are Germany (Rush, KT Exclusive), Italy (Sangiorgio, Arlin). The price per square meter is about 500 rubles, expensive ones - more than 2000 rubles.

Glass wallpaper

In the process of creating glass wallpaper, glass fibers are used. The method of making fabric is weaving. This is the same fabric, high strength.

Fiberglass wallpaper is widely used in the construction of new houses. The elasticity of such a coating protects against cracking when the new house shrinks.

To paint the canvas, water-based or latex-based paint is used.

Glass wallpaper in interior design

  • can be used for a long time - up to 30 years
  • wear resistance is high, classified as anti-vandal wallpaper
  • not afraid of fire and water
  • do not absorb unnecessary odors
  • no mold develops, no fungus appears
  • you can paint the surface a maximum of 15 times without spoiling the strength of the wallpaper
  • a small selection of patterns with relief - in the form of matting, diamond and herringbone
  • the room looks dull

Produced in Sweden and China under the Wellton brand. A 50-meter roll, 1 meter wide, costs from 3,350 to 8,700 rubles, depending on the texture. The Chinese Optima collection sells for 1600-2300 rubles (length 25 meters), the Decor collection - 1650 rubles for 12.5 meters.


Used for high-tech style rooms. They sparkle beautifully in the sun. By creating additional lighting, you can only embellish them in the form of gold, silver or bronze highlights.

Metal sheets have the following properties:

  • beautiful in appearance;
  • wear-resistant because there is a layer of aluminum foil;
  • are not afraid of ultraviolet radiation, do not fade;
  • simply washed;
  • protect from noise.

The disadvantages are the high price and the need to level the wall. To prevent the thin metal foil from being damaged, the walls are leveled to perfect condition before gluing.

Compared to artificial materials, they have more negative characteristics. These include:

  • They do not tolerate moisture at all;
  • do not tolerate exposure to ultraviolet radiation;
  • it is not possible to hide the joints when gluing;
  • difficult to paste over;
  • dust gets clogged in the unevenness of the relief fabric;
  • Dry clean only.

Metallic wallpaper is produced in Canada, Italy, Germany, and Great Britain. The minimum price is 1850 rubles, the maximum is 7000 rubles.


To make natural wallpaper, wood veneer, straw, bamboo or reed are used. The finishing material is based on paper, sometimes non-woven fabric.

Natural finishes look beautiful, cozy and comfortable. They are pleasant to the touch. The material is environmentally friendly and does not cause allergies. Looks good in any interior.

Natural bamboo wallpaper

Produced in Sweden (factories Eco Wallpaper, Eco Borastapeter), China, Italy, Great Britain, Portugal. The cost is from 1000 rubles. and higher. The price of cork is 690 rubles.


Externally, this coating resembles relief plaster. When creating, cellulose is used. To obtain a decorative effect, dyes, glitter, mineral fillers, and quartz are added. All additives are natural and harmless. Cellulose glue is used as a binding element.

Outwardly they look like dry powder. Before use, the powder is diluted with water and applied in a layer of 1 mm. The price depends on the volume of added decorative substances.

Liquid wallpaper has the following positive properties:

  • the joints are completely invisible;
  • create an unusual relief;
  • smooth out uneven walls, reducing work time;
  • environmentally friendly;
  • have antistatic properties, repel dust;
  • service life for 6-8 years.

They are hygroscopic and should not be used in rooms with high humidity.

In Russia, production is carried out by Silk Plaster and Kasagawa (150-800 rubles per package), in Ukraine - Bioplast (200-700 rubles), in France - Leroy Merlin (800-900 rubles), in Japan - Silkcoat (1000 rubles .), in Turkey - Koza (100 rubles per 1 kg).

Photo wallpaper

They are a large color photograph. They reproduce absolutely any image (nature, animals, sea, city) on paper, vinyl and non-woven bases, even on PVC film. The base of the photo wallpaper is self-adhesive.

They are easy to paste over and are inexpensive. A wide selection allows you to transform any space.

But the surface for gluing must be flat. Low-grade materials are used.

Photo wallpaper in the living room

Cost of 1 sq. meters of Swedish photo wallpaper Mr. Perswall - 3200 rubles, Russian - from 439 rubles, German Komar brand - 600 rubles.

Wallpaper for painting

The finishing material for painting is very durable and has many layers. The coating pattern can be identical to decorative plaster, have some kind of ornament, or be completely smooth.

They use embossed natural linkrusta. The color of the canvas is white or cream. Therefore, choosing the desired shade of paint is not difficult. You don’t have to paint it at all if you’re happy with the tone of the canvas.

  • you can choose the color to your taste
  • serve for a long time, can be repainted at any time if desired
  • wide selection of colors and textures
  • you can hide unevenness and defects in walls
  • cost-effective gluing process
  • harmless
  • are not afraid of dampness
  • protect from noise
  • lack of variegation
  • the number of repaints depends on the pattern
  • It is difficult for an inexperienced specialist to properly paste and paint

Combined wallpaper for painting

German manufacturers (Marburg, Rasch) offer products costing from 750 to 17,500 rubles, Chinese (Wellton) - from 1,200 to 3,500, Russian - from 1,100 rubles.

Eco wallpaper

Made from natural raw materials. Various materials are used: paper, plant fibers (cane, sisal, vines, palm trees, flax), wood fibers (cork, bamboo, coconut), textiles (satin, silk, teak). The adhesives and paints used are not very harmful in terms of their chemical composition.

The positive characteristics are as follows:

  • safe for humans, without harmful impurities;
  • create comfort. Vapor permeability helps the walls breathe;
  • retain heat well and protect from external noise;
  • high strength, not afraid of moisture;
  • long service life, especially cork and bamboo fabrics.

There are still disadvantages. The strength, stability of natural wallpaper, the use of exotic materials (palm leaves, reeds) affect their price. Absorbs unnecessary odors. Additional impregnation in the form of varnish or wax is required.

Eco wallpaper in the living room

This type of canvas is produced by the Eco Wallpaper factory in Sweden and Elitis in France. The cost of a roll from Sweden ranges from 1080 to 5200 rubles, from France - from 8800 rubles.

Velor wallpaper

The basis of an elite type of coating is paper or non-woven fabric. Velor fibers no more than 1 mm long are placed on them at an angle.

The process of creating a canvas is labor-intensive. A layer of glue is first applied to the base. Next, place the canvas under a press filled with velor fibers. The press connects the fibers to the base. Using glue and drying in a special way, wallpaper with different patterns or designs is obtained.

Dense two-layer, do not wear out for a long time, protect from noise. They are not at all afraid of sunlight and do not fade.

Disadvantages include:

  • dust accumulates in the villi;
  • fabric texture absorbs odors;
  • needs care. Carry out dry cleaning with a vacuum cleaner and a soft brush. Heavy contamination is difficult to remove.

Produced in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Greece, Italy (Sirpi, Portofino), Holland (Eijffinqer), Germany (Rush, KT Exclusive), France. The minimum price varies between 500-700 rubles. depending on the country, more expensive ones - from 1000 rubles. Reach up to 18-19 thousand rubles.

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