Design of a small kitchen 2 by 2 square meters: interior design ideas

It has always been this way: the smaller the dimensions of the kitchen, the more every centimeter of free space is valued. And it is not surprising that, based on the photo of a 2 by 2 meter kitchen, every person strives to make the room as useful as possible. You, of course, can seek the services of specialists, but in fact, you can cope with this task yourself.

Features of the design of a small kitchen space

Which color to choose

The main rule for creating an elegant interior for a small-sized kitchen 2 by 2 meters is a detailed calculation of all the details, from the color of the walls to the type of doors. The main guidelines for you should be a feeling of convenience and compliance with your taste preferences.

In conditions of limited space, the color of the finish should visually increase it. And light, pastel colors cope best with this task. If you want to use multiple volumetric designs, you must remember that at the visual level they will make the kitchen smaller. But this does not mean that you need to abandon them completely.

Important! In order to add some charm to the decoration of a kitchen with dimensions of 2 2 by 2 2, you can use single images of medium sizes, a fashionable print. The most important thing is that they will not have any negative impact on the spaciousness of the kitchen space.

To a large extent, the color design of the kitchen is determined by the stylistic direction that you give preference to.

Design rules

In order for all the elements of the kitchen-living room to look harmonious and combine with each other, you must adhere to some rules:

  1. Competent zoning, which consists in the careful arrangement of furniture sets, in the arrangement of the dining area and recreation area. All these elements should be conditionally separated, but maintain visual integrity as part of a single space.
  2. Harmony of colors of walls and ceilings, furniture and accessories, fabrics and decor. All elements must be in the same style.
  3. Rational use of space. By combining two rooms, you get much more space that needs to be used rationally. For example, use window sills, exit to the balcony, if there is one.
  4. Limits on the number of furniture and other items. This is necessary so that the interior of the kitchen-living room is not overloaded and looks harmonious. Adjacent rooms should always have accents and connecting components, otherwise the overall design will fall apart.

Style selection

The main point of initial actions associated with creating an interior can be considered the determination of the style direction.

Attention! Don't try to be analytical in every direction. It’s enough just to be guided by your feelings, “like it or not.”

The main directions known today:

Provencecharacterized by an abundance of floral patterns, rough ceiling decoration, and pieces of furniture in light colors. All this creates the impression of carefree, cozy atmosphere. Provence is more common in private homes, but this does not mean that it would be out of place in an apartment. It’s always nice to plunge into the atmosphere of rustic simplicity after a busy day at work.
CountryThis is wooden furniture, a low chandelier hanging over the table, a classic version of the hood, door cabinets without stained glass. The main condition for such a design is that everything should look as simple as possible. Pathos and glamor have no place here. Country style is also called rustic; it is always associated with homely warmth and comfort. The palette includes beige, sand, white, olive, light blue. Surface finishing with stone and tiles looks good
High techin this case, the design of a kitchen measuring 2 by 3 meters is completely subordinated to functionality and practicality. Allows you to achieve spaciousness even in limited space. For this, modular furniture is used, an abundance of glass is welcomed, and maximum illumination is ensured. This direction is for those who love modern technology.
Loftallows you to combine the most daring ideas with individual needs. But don’t forget about the frames, because otherwise the room can be oversaturated with unnecessary elements. As you can see in the photo of a 2 by 2 meter kitchen design, the main highlights of the loft are the brick ledges, wooden floors with boards, and plastered walls.

Harmonious arrangement of furniture is the key to the convenience and spaciousness of the kitchen

Interesting! In pursuit of the goal of decorating your kitchen in an original way, you can also use styles such as modern and classic. If you approach it correctly, the result will please you.

Kitchen layout

First you need to analyze all the technical parameters: the size of the room, the location and shape of doors and windows, the presence of projections or bay windows, ventilation.

Modern design of a small kitchen, thanks to successful zoning and furniture arrangement

Important! You need to consider how many people live in the apartment and how many can gather at the table at the same time. The possibility of placing a dining area in the kitchen or the need to move it to the living room depends on this.

Dining area in a small kitchen

The most popular layouts:

Corner kitchen

Ergonomic option. Fully utilizes the space at the junction of two walls. A sink is usually placed in the corner module.

Zoning a small area with a corner kitchen

On the left and right there is enough space for a work surface. A stove is installed on one side and a refrigerator on the other;

Linear kitchen

All elements of the kitchen unit, stove, refrigerator are installed along one wall.

Linear kitchen set in blue for a small kitchen

This allows you to increase the dining area;

U-shaped kitchen

The furniture is located along three walls. One of the sides runs along the window.

Using a window sill and two adjacent walls to arrange kitchen furniture

The dining area is designed as a bar counter, a window sill, a roll-out structure, or moved into the living room.

An example of installing a sink near a window in a U-shaped small kitchen

Attention! For safety reasons, do not place the stove close to the refrigerator or sink. If the gas stove is located next to a window, then it is better to replace the curtains with blinds. For a small space, proper ventilation is very important.

Roller blinds on the kitchen window

Some important tips

To make your kitchen feel more spacious while still keeping it light and cozy, use space-saving techniques with modern appliances and multifunctional kitchen equipment. These can be roll-out shelves, drawers, baskets, etc. Instead of a huge stove, you can purchase a hob and a separate oven, which can be placed in a niche for appliances.

When selecting furniture, pay attention to its dimensions in different states. For example, chairs for a small kitchen must be chosen so that they can hide under the table and take up as little space as possible. The same applies to the table - it is important to find a balance between ease of use and size

To create a comfortable kitchen interior, it is better to make furniture to order, taking into account everything down to the smallest detail. To avoid clutter, a feeling of cramped space in the kitchen and gain some space, reduce the depth of the niche of the hanging cabinets.

To prevent your kitchen from looking like a warehouse for kitchen appliances, buy only the essentials that you use all the time. It is better not to buy equipment that is used once a month, as it takes up space and leads to unnecessary waste of money.

Lighting and backlighting

A series of spotlights along short walls visually separates them, like rectangular planks on the floor. A central chandelier in a narrow room is ineffective - it does not provide uniform illumination. It is better to use pendant lamps in series for zoning - for example, above a table or bar counter.

The built-in lighting in the headset above the work surface will repeatedly help you out in the evenings. The hidden LED strip gives the feeling of floating structures - this is a strong visual accent. Wall sconces pointing upward visually raise the ceilings.

80 inspiring kitchen design ideas 12 sq.m. (photo)

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