Kitchen renovation in Khrushchev: 10 design rules in 2022

The lack of space should not be misleading: designers have functional solutions for any space. You don’t need to invite a specialist if, when thinking about where to put the refrigerator in a small kitchen, you carefully study photos and videos of finished interiors, outline the layout down to the centimeter and take into account the advice of those who have already been involved in arranging small apartments.

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Design of a small kitchen in Khrushchev with a refrigerator: where to start

To understand exactly how to arrange furniture and appliances, decide on the required minimum of things.
The basic filling of any modern kitchen is:

  • cabinets for storing bulk products and utensils,
  • stove or hob,
  • hood,
  • sink,
  • fridge,
  • table and chairs. Let's not forget that kitchens in Soviet five-story buildings come complete with a gas water heater that heats water for domestic needs. And this is still minus several tens of useful centimeters on the wall.

In addition, the washing machine is often moved here because it does not fit in the bathroom. This means that you need to reserve an “extra” square meter for it.

You can also add:

  • oven,
  • dishwasher,
  • tabletop appliances such as a microwave, multicooker, kettle, toaster, etc.

Analyze which of these you really need and which will be used once a year and take up space in vain. Discard what is unnecessary, and if possible, choose reduced rather than standard parameters for everything that is on your shortlist.

True, finding a shallow refrigerator is either problematic or very expensive. It is much easier to find a unit around 55 cm. But if you don’t mind that it will stick out, you can purchase the rest of the equipment with a depth of 40 cm instead of 60 and order cabinets and countertops for it. You will gain 20 cm across the floor, which is decent.

But you can buy a narrow refrigerator - 40 cm across the door, and not the standard 60. And if you cover it with MDF facades, it will look like an ordinary pencil case. Use the space above rationally: design shelves for things you rarely take out, and if the height is small, then put the microwave there.

Functional and fashionable work area

You can place the tabletop not perpendicular to the wall, but at an angle of 45-60 degrees, giving it an oval shape. A corner table will take up little space and will not interfere with the passage. It is recommended to place rails (metal tubes with holders) in the work area so that all the necessary items are at hand.

It is better to choose a sink combined with a sleeve for drying dishes

It is better to choose a sink combined with a sleeve for drying dishes. On the one hand, such a sink will take up more space. On the other hand, it will ensure efficient use of the work surface and eliminate the need to place wet dishes or lay out vegetables on it.

See alsoDesign features of a narrow kitchen

Which kitchens are considered small?

Massive developments during the time of Khrushchev made it possible for millions of people to acquire their own housing, and for their children and grandchildren to slander and sneer at the ridiculous usable area of ​​the premises. In modern apartments, kitchens, as a rule, are made with some reserve and start from 8 square meters. meters (and modern design there provides more room for maneuver). In Khrushchev-era buildings and similar standard buildings, kitchens most often have the following area:

  • 4m²;
  • 5m²;
  • 6m².

If you see something like this, then the examples discussed below are relevant for you and can be taken into service.

What is a Khrushchev refrigerator

In the 50-70s of the 20th century, not every family could afford to have household refrigerators. The designers took this into account and came up with a refrigerated cabinet located in the kitchen under the window sill. It was called the “Khrushchev refrigerator”. In fact, it was a niche with doors, equipped with shelves and having a hole for ventilation.

In the summer, such a niche served as a storage room. And in winter, perishable food was stored in it. But it does not apply to full-fledged refrigeration units. The main disadvantage of such a refrigerator is the loss of heat in the room where it is located.

Cold from the street entering the kitchen through the ventilation openings reduces the overall air temperature in the living space. The back wall of the niche is thin because it consists of only half a brick. Some owners of such apartments, for the purpose of insulation, get rid of the outdoor refrigerator and install a heater instead.

Refrigerator improvement

The weak point of a window-sill refrigerator is the door. If it is properly insulated, the room will become more comfortable and draft-free. Manufacturers of plastic windows make doors for the niche under the window sill from the same material. They come in white or are laminated using PVC films in the same shade as a new plastic window.

Important! Sliding doors are more expensive, but at the same time let more cold in due to the many gaps.

It is not recommended to seal the external hole in the wall of the Khrushchev refrigerator. This will prevent excessive condensation from forming. And to solve the issue of insulation, it is enough to thermally insulate the hole using permeable vapor materials. A good option is basalt insulation.

The internal walls are sheathed with moisture-resistant plasterboard sheets, plastic or plastered. Additionally, some craftsmen install lighting inside such a device in Khrushchev.

Cabinet instead of refrigerator

The winter refrigeration compartment under the window sill can easily be converted into a kitchen cabinet. But they always start with insulating the niche. If possible, thermal insulation is provided from the outside. When insulating a niche wall from the inside, it is practical to use sheet materials for interior wall decoration that have low thermal conductivity with a cross-section of 3-5 mm (pinotex and isofol).

Restoration of a niche can be done with your own hands according to the following scheme:

  • dismantling of Soviet construction;
  • cleaning the walls of the insulation that was previously used;
  • sealing ventilation holes;
  • plastering walls;
  • applying a solution that improves the adhesion of the treated surface to any building material;
  • cutting out the insulation to fit the niche;
  • fixing the insulating material.

After this, they begin to directly finish the internal surfaces of the Khrushchev refrigerator, converted into a cabinet. Shelves and doors are installed. Designers advise choosing hinged doors for a cabinet. They improve access to space.

The owners of the apartment, together with designers, are embodying ideas on how to equip this part of the small kitchen so that it fits organically into the overall interior. Such a niche is sometimes used not only as a convenient cabinet for storing kitchen utensils, but also as a mini-bar for storing alcoholic drinks. Some interesting solutions are presented in the photographs.

Glazing instead of a refrigerator

Another option is to completely change the layout. Some people decide to completely dismantle parts of the wall under the window during the renovation and completely glaze this opening. The result is something like a French window. Thanks to this, more daylight enters the room.

But as a result of such alteration, there is no wide functional window sill left. And also such arrangement is quite troublesome, since any changes in the apartment plan require the design of the project and coordination of your actions with various authorities. Sometimes city authorities do not allow such global changes to be made, as this affects the overall appearance of the building.

Which interior style is best?

In this case, the simpler the chosen style, the more appropriate it is for a small space. Minimalism will do the job perfectly. There is no large amount of decor, a minimum of color is used, clear geometry has no blurred boundaries.

By decorating a kitchen in a high-tech style, you can get a stylish, fashionable interior in a compact room. The abundance of glass and metal, combined with straight lines and strict symmetry, will make every detail significant and eliminate bulkiness.

Classic will be appropriate only if light colors are used in the design, for example, light-colored natural wood. You should avoid unnecessary decorations, especially stucco on the ceiling and walls.

The Provence style, characterized by a huge number of decorations, decor, and patterns on wallpaper, will make the kitchen visually even smaller, so it is better to abandon it.

Modern style kitchen

Contemporary, modern - this is conciseness, clear lines and maximum functionality. Instead of a bulky “antediluvian” stove there is an electric hob and a built-in oven; a neat tabletop combined with a window sill or simultaneously serving as a bar counter; closed shelves and drawers from floor to ceiling; spot lighting; restrained colors of furniture, harmoniously combined with metal surfaces of equipment; comfortable blinds.

High tech

To embody the high-tech style, kitchen renovations in a Khrushchev-era building include strictly symmetrical cabinets with metal parts and opaque glass inserts, and an abundance of rails. No wood or eco-materials.

Lighting – LED lamps. The table is better made of glass, and the chairs are made of transparent plastic. Floor – tiles or linoleum.

Scandinavian style kitchen

Scandinavian minimalism is a reflection of the purity of the Icelandic fjords among the snow-capped mountain ranges. On a crystal-white background of walls, ceilings, and furniture, minimal inclusions of almost transparent bluish-gray elements or bleached wood are allowed. The design of a Khrushchev kitchen in this style will visually enlarge the room and give relaxing peace to all inhabitants.

What decor would be appropriate?

Excessive decor will make an already small kitchen even smaller, but if minimalism is not your thing, stick to a small number of decorations.

  • Textile. Bright cushions/chair seats and tea towels will liven up the interior.
  • Plants. Indoor flowers on the windowsill or arrangement in a vase will not take up much space.
  • Utensil. A beautiful jug or copper saucepan can very well become a functional kitchen decoration.

A kitchen that fits everything

The dining group in this project is placed in the living area. You can get there through a wide doorway. In the cooking area, due to the freed up space, it was possible to place all the necessary equipment: a stove with an oven, a refrigerator. The L-shaped set with solid fronts has become a spacious storage system for all kitchen utensils.

The designer used an interesting color scheme - two-color cabinets, with white ones seeming to “cut” the composition in the center, adding light and air. Also, the effect of air is created by additional lighting under the upper cabinets, a light apron made of small tiles and a sink with a white mixer, which practically merges with the overall background.

Using a niche

It would seem, where does a niche in Khrushchev come from? It's simple: very often in apartments of this type, redevelopment is done with the arrangement of an entrance through the living room, as a result of which the old entrance to the kitchen is blocked. You can just use it for good and put a refrigerator there. To complete the camouflage, it can be painted to match the finishing material of the material used for the niche.

Such a design will look more holistic and even the most incorrigible perfectionist will be satisfied.

You can also use the space on the refrigerator itself. For example, put a microwave oven on it. Quite a viable solution.

Built-in refrigerators

A refrigerator built into a kitchen unit not only saves space, but also greatly simplifies the design as a whole, creating a unified stylistic picture.

To implement such an idea, you need to provide in advance for the creation of a special niche in your individual kitchen order. In this case, its depth should exceed the depth of the unit by at least 5-10 centimeters. This is done so that the refrigerator does not adhere strictly to the back wall.

A compromise option is to build freezers under the countertop. If the family is small and few products are used, then why not?

Washing machine - as a cabinet

The need for invention is cunning. If you’re going to place the washing machine in the kitchen, it’s good for business. See how the washing unit was adapted in the photo below to fulfill a number of everyday needs. Not enough work surface? So here's the continuation.

How can it be remade or improved?

If you own an apartment with a Khrushchev-era refrigerator in a small kitchen, there are several options for using the space under the window. The first, simplest thing is to leave everything as it is, simply improving the appearance. We’ll talk about this improvement to the Khrushchev refrigerator further, first we’ll look at alternative ways to use the refrigeration cabinet.

Insulate the refrigerator compartment

Typical projects of “Khrushchev” buildings, built in brick, are represented by almost a dozen different variations, the main difference between which was the number of floors and the internal layout of the apartments.

The main parameters - the external load-bearing walls with a masonry of 2.5 bricks - remained unchanged. Considering that the dimensions of white sand-lime brick are 250 x 120 x 60 mm, the thickness of the outer wall in a brick “Khrushchev” is 620-650 mm.

The thickness of the outer wall of the Khrushchev refrigerator is 0.5 bricks, i.e. 120 mm.

The internal maximum volume of the refrigerator could be:

  • Height max – 800 mm;
  • Width max - 1000 mm;
  • Depth max – 500 mm.

These dimensions could differ significantly from the maximum, depending on the specific series and the conscientiousness of the builders. But, in any case, the volume of the refrigerator under the window did not exceed 400 liters. In practice - much less.

This is the volume of a modern two-chamber refrigerator.

Since the use of bulk insulation, such as foam plastic or mineral wool, will inevitably lead to a critical reduction in volume and make it unprofitable to invest in its reconstruction, you should choose materials that, with a minimum thickness, have the lowest thermal conductivity coefficient.

These are:

  • Polyurethane foam is a liquid insulation material that polymerizes under the influence of water vapor contained in the atmospheric air.
  • Penotex is extruded polystyrene foam.
  • Isofol (Penofol, Izolon) – rolled foil insulation.

Using polyurethane foam as insulation in everyday life is difficult, since its application to the insulated surface requires special equipment. Therefore, we will consider insulating an outdoor refrigerator using penotex and penofol.

Install a radiator

The second idea for using a Khrushchev refrigerator is to install a radiator in a niche. Advantages of this method:

  • the battery will not take up space in the corner; furniture can be installed in its place;
  • the outer wall of the chamber is covered with a decorative screen, which significantly improves the appearance of the kitchen interior.

It is better to carry out the transfer outside the heating season. During work it is necessary:

  1. Dismantle old doors, shelves, trim.
  2. Insulate the opening from the outside and inside.
  3. Finish the pipes to the location where the battery is installed. To prevent exposed PVC pipes from spoiling the design, lay the grooves inside the brickwork or concrete slab.

If you need to level it (the opening) with the height of the window sill, make ventilation holes to allow warm air to escape.

Install equipment

In order not to have to worry about finishing the winter refrigerator under the window, install built-in appliances in its place. It could be:

  • Fridge. A small model with a glass or solid door. A convenient option for storing daily supplies if the main one is placed in the next room.
  • Freezer. If it is customary in your family to freeze fresh food for storage, and the volume of the compartment in the refrigerator is not enough, purchase an additional freezer that will solve the problem.
  • Washing machine. The issue of placing a laundry assistant in a tiny Khrushchev-era apartment building is always a pressing issue. Give preference to a narrow model and place it under the windowsill.
  • Dishwasher. The vacated opening under the window can open up the possibility of placing a built-in dishwasher with a beautiful facade. In the remaining space you can install a small cabinet for storing detergents.
  • Oven. If a niche has already been left, why not use the space under the window sill to place the oven. The main thing is that the equipment is electric (and not gas!) and suitable in size.

Important! For stable operation of equipment, it is necessary to create comfortable conditions: no low temperatures, clearances for ventilation of cooling or heating devices.

The cracks and openings facing the street must be sealed hermetically with polyurethane foam and thermal insulation must be laid. The inside of the space is finished with plaster or plasterboard so as not to leave bare brick.

The photo shows a built-in small refrigerator

Remove completely

The simplest, but not the most practical option is to align the niche with the side walls and decorate it to match the general background. Finishing a Khrushchev refrigerator will allow you to create a smooth, beautiful wall, but will neutralize the additional storage space.

  • To level the level, install a thin plasterboard partition on metal profiles.
  • Drywall needs to be moisture-resistant and able to withstand the formation of condensation on the inside.
  • In order to prevent low temperatures from penetrating into the apartment, the niche should be carefully insulated from the inside and protected from the cold.
  • The outside is finished with wallpaper, ceramic tiles, laminate, and paint.

Another option is to leave a niche and place a worktop on top. Then equipment or a cabinet can easily fit under the window. The second option is to arrange a bar counter; thanks to the recess, there will be enough space for your legs below.

Open shelves

A simple and practical option is open shelves. The wall of the Khrushchev refrigerator does not need to be insulated, and design and installation are simple and quick.

This solution will help save space in other kitchen cabinets - the shelves are suitable for storing dishes, containers with bulk products and much more.

Open shelves will make a small kitchen comfortable and very functional. The interior looks light and airy. Modern materials for kitchen shelves and shelving are metal, wood and glass.


The design of a small Khrushchev kitchen should be as convenient and functional as possible. Rearranging a niche into a unique chest of drawers is a stylish and modern solution.

The built-in drawers under the window will not be too deep, but are suitable for storing cutlery and small kitchen utensils.


The niche under the window can be converted into a traditional kitchen cabinet for dishes. There are many solution options - simple opaque doors, glass, with LED lighting.

It will not be possible to store large pots in such a cabinet, but cups, jars, and glasses will fit there comfortably and compactly.

This option is perfect for embodying kitchen interior design ideas in a minimalist style.

Minibar for alcohol

An unusual stylistic solution is to convert a niche into a minibar.

In addition, during the cold season, the niche will fulfill its original function for the bar - cooling.

Installing a real refrigerator

It is quite possible to build a real refrigerator into the niche. To do this, you need to find a model that is appropriate in size and insert it in the Khrushchev kitchen under the window into the prepared compartment.

There are plenty of such freezing units on sale. They are often taken as freezers to the dacha, so you can easily find options in specialized stores. There are options with doors, like those of a regular refrigerator.

And there are also concepts disguised as an ordinary cabinet. It is important to understand: the doors of such a refrigerator should fit well into the interior design style you choose.

Take a look at what it looks like in reality.

Location of sink or kitchen unit

A frequent option for very tiny Khrushchev houses, where the kitchen does not exceed 4-5 square meters of total area. In addition, it is convenient, because a lot of space is freed up in the opposite part of the room - and it can be used to organize a comfortable dining area.

Replace the window sill with a work area with a sink

Instead of a window sill, you can install a sink or equip a work surface.

Unusual design of the sink, which is installed instead of a window sill.

A lot can fit on these shelves.

Instead of a window sill, you can even install a hob and work area.

If you can move the communications, then instead of the window sill, install a countertop with a sink. Such a solution will be rational and convenient; not only will more space immediately appear, but the work area itself under the window will be well lit, and the interior will be transformed - it will become more fashionable and stylish.

If you decide on this kind of redevelopment, you need to take into account some nuances. For example, the width of the slopes, so as not to place the sink too close to the window, in order to avoid increased humidity and the appearance of mold. In no case should such innovation interfere with the opening and closing of the window.


Why not? It turns out to be a kind of bar counter or dining table. And if the view from the window doesn’t let you down, then a wonderful panorama will also be a bonus to a comfortable landing.

Store household chemicals

Arrange storage of household chemicals in the opening under the window. Since this place is isolated from the kitchen unit, you can store even potent products there without fear that they will affect the quality of other products. This is especially convenient if you have a dishwasher and washing machine in your kitchen, since you can store detergents for these appliances within walking distance. But if there are small children and animals in the house, it is important to install locking mechanisms on the doors.

Place food supplies

Arrange a cabinet in a niche with doors to match the style of your kitchen unit. Make shelves inside, and this way you will get additional space where you can store supplies of cereals, canned goods, sugar and other products with a long shelf life. This is also a good option for storing potatoes, onions and other vegetables that don't need refrigeration.

Option six: French window

The window opening in the Khrushchev kitchen is very small and provides little light, especially if the apartment is located on the north side of the house. In this case, natural light can be increased using a French window. The main difficulty lies in dismantling part of the outer wall. For such work, not only qualified construction specialists are needed, but also official technical permission for redevelopment.

Refrigerator under the window with glass shelves

A French window can be complemented with a classic balcony: it does not require a special concrete platform, it is very narrow and is built into the wall. But you can also get permission for a modern French balcony, which requires a concrete platform no more than half a meter wide. Such a platform can also be partially built into the wall. The railings for such balconies are usually made of wrought iron and are very beautiful.

Refrigerator under the window with glass doors

From the above we can conclude that even a refrigerator under the window in a Khrushchev apartment can be used if you approach this issue wisely. There are many options for using it, the main thing is to choose yours.

Extend your kitchen set

The niche under the window can be used for built-in kitchen cabinets. Make a window sill-countertop above them on the same level as the other part of the kitchen cabinets. This way you will increase the useful space of the kitchen and create a convenient U-shaped layout if other corners of the kitchen are also used.

Make a bar counter

If you don’t want to make a storage cabinet, then still don’t rush to close the niche, arrange a bar counter-window sill. Since there is no battery under the window, but instead a wide recess, your knees will not rest against the wall.

More light!

Another interesting option has begun to gain popularity, when all the brickwork from the niche is removed and a double-glazed window is installed in its place.

This option is relevant for apartments whose kitchens face north and require an additional light source.

In this case, the double-glazed window can be small, repeating the dimensions of the niche, or have the shape of a circle (semicircle).

A large double-glazed window will add beauty to the kitchen interior if the kitchen window is “extended” to the floor by removing the brickwork.

This kind of work cannot be done with your own hands and you will have to invite professionals for repairs - finishing craftsmen and window installation specialists.

Some housewives will find a double-glazed window, like for a balcony door, inconvenient, because it will deprive them of the window sill area. However, the problem is easily solved by installing the same countertop as the kitchen unit.

Non-standard solution

In addition to the usual ones, there are many interesting ways to turn the “Khrushchev refrigerator” into a stylish piece of kitchen interior.

One of them is to arrange a car wash. At the same time, the internal space of the niche is perfect for placing water pipes.

Such sinks have many fans - it’s nice to wash dishes in front of a window where trees grow and you can see the blue sky.

However, before reconstruction, you should think carefully and weigh the pros and cons, because in this case, splashes and drips of soapy water will have to be constantly removed from the window glass.

Another non-standard solution is to install a home safe in the kitchen niche. The depth of the niche will allow you to place a fairly large safe box in it, and the massive brick walls will allow you to properly seal the external facade.

Improve Khrushchev's refrigerator

The very idea of ​​a refrigerator under the window in a Khrushchev-era kitchen, albeit seasonal, is very practical; it is quite reasonable to try to leave a niche in the same quality. It is only necessary to bring it into proper condition so that its appearance matches the new renovation and functions better. Let us list the main points associated with the Khrushchev refrigerator:

  • The back wall is only half a brick, most often there is a ventilation hole for the entry of external cold air;
  • From the inside there are only wooden doors that separate the interior from the cold of the street;
  • Due to the ventilation holes, mostly outside air with low absolute humidity from outside gets inside the Khrushchev refrigerator, so this protects against the appearance of frost and condensation.

So, it becomes quite logical that the main alteration of the Khrushchev refrigerator may consist precisely in replacing the inner door. It should provide maximum thermal protection that is appropriate in a given location. An excellent solution for this task would be to install a door with one leaf made of metal-plastic. It is better to make one leaf due to the fact that the profile selected will be the same as on the door or for windows, and it is quite wide. As a filler, you can insert either a single-chamber double-glazed window, for example 4x10x4, or a sandwich panel.

It is better to choose accessories that are simplest in functionality. There is no need to add a transom system, especially since the overall dimensions will not allow you to insert anything significant. The metal-plastic door will need to be secured with anchors to the side walls of the Khrushchev refrigerator. It is enough to seal the space from above and below with polyurethane foam. The resulting door will normally support the weight of the window sill on top.

Swing door option made of plastic profile

The second option could be a sliders system with sliding doors. Again, it is better to order them from glazing manufacturers. In this case, the sliding door system will reliably isolate the apartment from the coolness in the niche. In fact, the result is a plastic Khrushchev refrigerator.

By lining the inside with plastic, you get a well-maintained appearance, not far from the same as in a real refrigerator. The main thing is not to skimp on installing a normal sliding door locking system with fine-tuning. Because such a system is significantly inferior in thermal insulation to conventional swing systems of plastic windows and doors. A not fully closed sash will result in a strong draft of cold air down your legs.

Sliding doors

What about the inside of the niche? It is better not to close the hole to the outside, if there is one, again because at low temperatures it is better to let outside air flow in rather than hot and humid inside air. This way you can be safe and prevent the formation of condensation in large quantities. It is enough to seal the hole with any vapor-permeable heat-insulating material, for example, mineral wool. Options such as foaming or plugging with foam plastic will not work. The internal walls can be sheathed with either moisture-resistant plasterboard or plastic, or completely plastered.

Tip: As an additional “bell”, you can bring lighting inside. Again, taking into account the characteristics of this niche, it is better to use lighting powered by low voltage (12V, 24V) using step-down converters.

Make electric heating and ventilation

Electric heating is used in 2 cases. Firstly, in warm storage systems to protect products from the effects of low temperatures. Secondly, heating elements prevent the formation of condensation when warm air enters when opening the refrigerator. They evaporate the moisture collected in a special container. In addition, ensuring that the refrigerator compartment receives sufficient heat gain prevents the temperature in the freezer section from rising. Another function of heating is to defrost and, accordingly, remove ice from the evaporator. As a heating device, you can use a regular 60-75 W incandescent lamp, placing it in a mesh shade below the ventilation hole.

Warm air moves from the back walls of the refrigerator and freezer compartments. It is impossible to hide a ready-made forced ventilation system in the depths of a niche. At the same time, such a move will become available if:

  • Place ventilation grilles opposite the refrigerator ventilation system and above the refrigerator, respectively.
  • Leave at least 2-3 cm of margin above the top of the refrigerator.

Color solutions for the kitchen in Khrushchev

In order for 5-6 sq.m. If your kitchen doesn’t seem too cramped, you need to choose the right shades. The task of optical expansion of the area is best handled by light colors, as well as smooth mirror surfaces.

Choosing dark colors

Furniture in dark shades visually reduces the area of ​​the room. Therefore it is inappropriate here. The same rule applies to using too bright colors for facades.

White color

Pure snow-white tone reflects light best. It looks good with other colors, giving them contrast. This is a good option for ceramic tiles, furniture, walls, and ceilings. Most stoves and refrigerators are also painted white. But for the floor, countertop, space around the sink and hob, it is better to choose muted colors.

Red color

This rich color attracts attention, but at the same time visually takes up a lot of space.

Therefore, in the Khrushchev kitchen it should be used carefully, as a small addition or contrasting finish.

Natural wood color

The unique texture and noble shades of wood are what you need for a cozy kitchen interior in a Khrushchev-era building. Even an imitation of the natural surface of pine, linden, walnut, oak will make the food preparation area comfortable and sincere. Nature itself offers beautiful additions to the tree: grass green, grayish tones of stones, blue shades of water and sky, autumn palette from amber-yellow to chocolate.

Using two colors

Light shades are used for furniture facades. It is better to make surfaces glossy. Only the apron is made bright or dark.

Do not overload the kitchen with patterns and unnecessary details. The ceiling should be made white, for example, suspended.

A colored ceiling is inappropriate in this case. If possible, all items should be removed from the countertop into cabinets or hung on the wall.

Selecting practical curtains

Natural light is another element of proper lighting. Curtains hide it, so in dark kitchens it is advisable to avoid them altogether.

If curtains on the windows are still necessary, choose one of the options:

  • light tulle to the battery;
  • roller blind;
  • Roman curtain;
  • blinds;
  • cafe curtains

Organization of space

Before embarking on the topic of kitchen interior design in Khrushchev, take note of the basic rule for its design - this is order in the full sense of the word.

Important! Clutter is the main enemy of your small kitchen. Therefore, when starting renovation work, remove everything unnecessary, and best of all, empty the room completely.. Any kitchen can be made more functional: believe it, plan everything correctly and at the end of the renovation work you will get an excellent result

Any kitchen can be made more functional: believe it, plan everything correctly and at the end of the renovation work you will get an excellent result.

Rule #1. Space is paramount. Down with clutter is the first and main rule. Always remember him.

Let's give an example. If you follow the main essence of using the kitchen, namely cooking, the room can be freed from the dining table. This way, we get more space to move around the kitchen and move the eating area into a larger room.

If this option does not suit you, we recommend placing the table in the corner of the kitchen, preferably by the window. It should be compact and not take up much space. The best option is a corner bar counter that goes into the work area of ​​the kitchen wall.

A refrigerator will also help save space. Of course, if you prefer the horizontal option. They are not so common, but its surface can serve as a working part. It can be built into a cabinet/cabinet. As a result, you are guaranteed a cozy kitchen in a Khrushchev building of 5 square meters. m with a refrigerator.

Even small kitchens in Khrushchev do not tolerate heavy curtains, huge carpets, many decorative plates, various framed photos and paintings.

Transformable furniture is welcome.

Rule #2. Interior design of a small kitchen: selecting colors and visualizing. When renovating a small room, give preference only to cream or light beige tones, which, unlike dark tones, make the room visually larger. It becomes light, bright and spacious.

A large chandelier will also help make your small kitchen look bigger.

Its fairly large dimensions will allow you to distract attention from the small size of the room, and the room will seem much more spacious.

In addition, you can choose a chandelier with a strong construction and use its upper part as a shelf, for example, for spices.

Give preference to light colors and shades that match the furniture. They, of course, can be a little darker than the walls, but not too dark. Select everything according to the rules of contrast. If the selection is not entirely successful, the room may turn into a solid bright spot. Strong contrast is also not an option.

That's all here for now. Let's summarize briefly. A small kitchen welcomes space and visualization that makes it look bigger.

Let's take this into account and look for several solutions to the quadrature problem.

Selection and arrangement of furniture

When everything you need is at hand and there is nothing superfluous, cooking is a pleasure! The correct arrangement will help achieve this.

Kitchen set in Khrushchev

When choosing furniture for a small kitchen in a Khrushchev-era building, choose a custom-made one over a modular kitchen - this way you will be sure that all the space is used effectively.

  • Linear or straight kitchen options in Khrushchev are suitable if the dining area is a priority. In this case, there will be very little space for storing and preparing food.
  • A corner or L-shaped set is universal for any kitchen, and Khrushchev is no exception. The working surface here is larger, as is the capacity. And there is also room for a dining table. A beveled or rounded left end module will facilitate passage and protect against injury.
  • A U-shaped kitchen is installed provided that the dining area is moved to another room (living room or dining room). This is the most functional option of all.
  • A two-row arrangement of furniture in a Khrushchev-era kitchen along the walls requires a minimum 2.5-meter width of the room or the manufacture of specially selected narrow cabinets. The distance between rows must be at least 90 cm.

The photo shows a white kitchen set with a black apron

Dinner Zone

The size and location of the dining area is determined based on the available space and the number of family members.

  • If 1 or 2 people live in an apartment, the usual table can be replaced with a bar counter, a table top on the windowsill, a folding wall table or a compact model.
  • For 3-4 people you need a dining table, preferably a folding one. A square or rectangular one can be moved to the wall if necessary, and a round one will save space when used statically.
  • 5+ people are usually cramped in a compact kitchen; it is better to move the eating area outside the room.

Choosing the right chairs will also help save space: stackable or folding models are ideal. You should give up bulky sofas and corners to save space.

The photo shows different chairs with a round table

Storage systems

The task of equipping your kitchen with all your storage needs may seem overwhelming, but it is not. Here are some ideas for a kitchen in Khrushchev:

  • Wall-mounted modules up to the ceiling. An additional row of upper cabinets will increase the kitchen capacity by 30%.
  • Roll-out boxes instead of a plinth. Low drawers are convenient for storing dishes, baking dishes and other items.
  • Railing system. With its help, you can free up the countertops and cabinets, while placing everything you need at hand.

Increasing the area

Having outlined the problems of renovation work in a small kitchen and considered the main rules for renovation, we present several ways to increase the area of ​​​​the kitchen space.

The first method is to demolish the partitions between the kitchen and the room next to it. The ideal option in this case would be the proximity of the kitchen to the living room. Removing the partition will not increase the area, but it will increase the space. The dining table can be safely moved from the kitchen to the living room. The refrigerator can also be moved.

Another option is to combine the kitchen with a balcony or loggia. There are two options for unification: with the demolition of the partition or without demolition. The first option will increase the area, the second will add space.

As in the previous version, we place everything that is “poorly priced” in the kitchen from appliances and furniture on the balcony or loggia.

And the last option is moving the wall. It is not used very often as it very rarely helps with space problems.

Important! Every apartment has load-bearing walls that cannot be moved, or can be moved, but only with permission from special services

Method number 2. We visualize, visualize and visualize again. If the first way to solve the area problem is not quite your option, then we use the art of visualization. Using various design techniques and ergonomics will help us visually increase the kitchen space.

Firstly, we don’t clutter up square meters.

Secondly, we choose a kitchen set that consists of many cabinets. With a large presence of elements, it will appear larger than its actual size. We choose tall wall cabinets. The ideal option is up to the ceiling.

Thirdly, we use mirrors. The presence of a reflection will make you think that the room is larger than it actually is.

Fourthly, let's work with light and color. We have already mentioned the light color scheme

But here we focus your attention on the fact that you can add a few bright spots to your kitchen design, highlighting functional areas. Then we connect the light

Ideal if the entire ceiling and functional areas are illuminated.

A duet of light on the ceiling and illuminated functional areas in bright colors will visually increase the space.

No curtains

Curtains are a good and necessary thing, but in the kitchen they will create additional problems. Long curtains will collect all the kitchen dirt and will have to be washed constantly. This is unlikely to benefit the fabric, so the curtains will not last long.

In addition, long curtains are very inconvenient, especially if there is a tabletop near the window.

Here you need easy-to-care and comfortable curtains. Ideal curtains for Khrushchev-era apartments and minimal kitchens should be short, up to the window sill maximum, easy to wash off dirt and not cling to anything. These are roller shutters, blinds and roller blinds made of easy-to-clean material (plastic, polyester).

Functional cabinets

For a small kitchen it is better to choose custom-made furniture. In this way, it is possible to take into account all the features of the room and make the most of every centimeter.

The absence of wall cabinets undoubtedly creates a feeling of lightness. But when there is a shortage of usable space, such a solution is not appropriate: there will be nowhere to place all the utensils necessary for the kitchen. It is reasonable, on the contrary, to increase the height (and therefore the capacity) of the top row of cabinets and use the space right under the ceiling.

Avoiding hinged doors also saves space. They can be replaced with folding, tilting or lifting doors, which are fixed at a level convenient for you. Inside the cabinets, make shelves of different heights to avoid restrictions when placing cans, bottles, and bulky boxes. A narrow, impractical niche will be filled with a built-in pencil case with a retractable design.

The lower cabinets are equipped with drawers. And in order to organize their internal contents, it is worth considering a system of separators.

Built-in furniture

This type of furniture is perfect for Khrushchev-era apartments, as it helps to make the most of the available space and rationally arrange the necessary areas.

Make efficient use of available space

A common model of this type is a corner sink with a countertop, an excellent addition to which would be a corner plate on the other side.

Corner sink for convenience

Remember that for proper planning it is necessary to take into account every centimeter, which is why you often have to buy custom-made furniture.

Make every centimeter count

Arch instead of a door

An original way to transform a small kitchen is to create an arch. Psychologists have proven that smooth lines in the interior create a pleasant, relaxing atmosphere. An arch is not just an alternative to a door, but also a self-sufficient solution in terms of creating an exclusive design and expanding visibility.

The boundary between the kitchen and the next room is blurring. An arched structure can be an inconspicuous transitional element between rooms, or it can serve as an accent decoration. Thanks to the large number of intricate shapes, the doorway can become a unique feature of your home.

Mini equipment

Small appliances like mini-appliances and multifunctional appliances will also allow you to keep things convenient in the kitchen without using up a lot of space.

Mini appliances in a mini kitchen

For example, for a young couple or a completely separate apartment owner, a small refrigerator 55 centimeters wide and a narrow oven 45 centimeters wide will suffice.

Use narrow technique for comfort

For a standard family with a child, a stove with only three burners and an oven with a built-in microwave will be sufficient.

Convenient 3 in 1 oven

In order not to waste free space on a permanent opening door, you can buy a sliding door or simply change the direction to open the door to the outside.

The first option looks much more stylish and nicer; in addition, it is more functional and does not involve the introduction of odors from the kitchen when opened.

Choose the right direction to open the door

Storage systems

Before you buy or order a kitchen set, you need to think about where dishes, small appliances and food will be stored. This will help to provide sections of suitable sizes and instruct the manufacturer to make the required number of drawers, shelves and niches. It is very important that the furniture does not absorb moisture and is easy to clean.

As for saving space, it can be achieved by increasing the height of the cabinets to ceiling level and making the most of the corner area. It is convenient to place rotating carousel shelves in them. Cookbooks, photographs and souvenirs would be nice to have on open shelves above the dining table. Such a composition will simultaneously serve as a decoration for a free wall.


The most optimal option for creating a multifunctional interior, necessary to create several zones at the same time.

Create multiple zones at once

Obviously, folding and sliding tables, folding chairs and shelves that can be pulled out at will should help in constantly changing the kitchen to suit the needs of cooking and family meals.

Folding chairs in the kitchen interior

In addition, such models usually create a fairly stylish design in the spirit of minimalism, without cluttering up a small area and allowing you to be free in the kitchen.

The spirit of minimalism in a small kitchen

Furniture without corners

Corners, which is important, also take up some area, sometimes not allowing you to move calmly, especially in a small room

Soft corners increase space

And especially the corner kitchen will benefit greatly if you can purchase rounded furniture. This is a great way to not only relieve space, but also create an interesting flowing design.

Interesting smooth transition with rounded furniture

Window sill-tabletop

Finishes and materials

To repair a Khrushchev building, you can use different materials; they are selected taking into account the previously drawn up project. They determine the budget, the desired result, and be sure to measure the parameters of the kitchen.

Floor covering

The choice of method for repairing the floor in a kitchen in a Khrushchev-era building depends on the condition, or more precisely, on the degree of evenness of the surface. When there are bumps or cracks, a screed is first made. A cement mortar is prepared, which is then poured 10 mm above the level of the convex mound. When the screed is ready, choose a coating.

It is optimal to choose a laminate with good wear resistance, linoleum or tile. All options have their own characteristics, strengths and weaknesses. For example:

  • laminate – practical, but expensive if it’s good;
  • tiles are most often placed on the kitchen floor in Khrushchev - this is a choice for centuries, functional, but labor-intensive to work with;
  • linoleum is cheap, cheerful and more appropriate than anywhere else.

Wall decoration

The first stage of finishing the walls in the kitchen is leveling using putty. Then choose a material, such as wallpaper or paint. You can see a photo of wallpaper for the kitchen for a Khrushchev apartment - a cheap option for walls, but also not bad. Various textures and colors are available for sale. It is best to choose washable fabrics.

Important! The paint is practical, does not require complicated maintenance, but only fits well on perfectly smooth walls.

Plastic panels are used to decorate walls in kitchens - they are practical, durable and inexpensive. Venetian plaster looks stylish, it is not cheap, but luxurious, and cleans well. In the case of plaster, the main thing is to apply the composition correctly.

Ceiling finishing

If the ceilings in the kitchen are low, there are unevenness, cracks and other defects, putty will help correct the situation. When the imperfections are caulked, all that remains is to paint the ceiling in a couple of layers. This option is the easiest and cheapest.

Another solution is a suspended ceiling made of semi-gloss or glossy film. It reflects beautifully, visually increases the area, is easy to clean, and saves you from flooding by neighbors above. Drywall with one or two profiles can also be used, as well as plastic or PVA-impregnated panels.

Windows and doors

It is optimal to install metal-plastic windows in a Khrushchev-era kitchen; lamination is chosen taking into account the overall style of interior design. A kitchen in a Khrushchev-era building with a sink by the window looks modern. You can also equip a folding tabletop here or place a small round table. Wooden window frames are also beautiful, but expensive and not so practical. When choosing, take into account the available budget and wishes for the final result.

Doors must match the design style of the room. If the color scheme is light and cool, and you want to make the room as open and visually spacious as possible, opt for interior models with glass inserts. Another interesting option is arches to the kitchen instead of a door in a Khrushchev building.

How to register correctly

The obvious option for kitchen design in Khrushchev is the dominance of warm, calm shades. This is a classic design option that is suitable for virtually any type of kitchen.

However, in the case of small rooms there are several features.

First of all, it is worth considering that the main color does not strain the eyes too much, because it will not be possible to dilute it with decorative items; they can create a feeling of oversaturation of the space with unnecessary objects.

Small kitchens in Khrushchev should be decorated entirely in white or light colors. You should not be afraid of white furniture surfaces, thinking that they will lose their original appearance too quickly.

To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to choose furniture with an additional paint coating, which will not only prevent the harmful effects of water or chemicals on the surface, but will also preserve the original appearance of the furniture.

Step-by-step instructions for upgrading

4 steps to transform a Khrushchev refrigerator with your own hands:

First of all, start replacing the door: instead of the standard wooden one, you should install a metal-plastic one. It consists of a wide profile and a double-glazed window or sandwich panel inside. Like a PVC window, the door reliably protects the apartment from cold air and does not require additional insulation.

Let's move on to the internal content: what exactly will be stored here?

  • If there are products that are not afraid of freezing, insulation will not be required.
  • For vegetables, pickles and other “capricious” storage conditions, the chamber will have to be insulated: seal the ventilation hole with foam or, in the old-fashioned way, lay sisal and cover it with plaster; fix mineral wool or another type of insulation along 3 walls, top and bottom.

Step No. 3 - interior decorative finishing. Cover it with plasterboard, which is later decorated with mosaics, tiles, and PVC panels (a cost-saving option).

If the door is glass, use original tiles with a pattern, which creates an interesting contrast in the kitchen design. Or install decorative lighting - a colored LED strip will replace a night light and help create a chamber atmosphere.

The last nuance is the installation of shelves or drawers in a Khrushchev refrigerator. This issue should be taken into account when installing drywall in order to secure the mortgages for future shelves. In a standard Khrushchev house there is only one shelf - in the middle. If there is no need for a large height between the tiers, lay down 2 or even 3 horizontal partitions.

The photo shows the plastic trim of a winter refrigerator

For a modification option with laminated chipboard facades, see the video:

Correct lighting

Small rooms do not like twilight. Think about the lighting of all areas of the kitchen in advance (more details here and here). If you are standing at the sink, you should not work in your own shadow (with your back to the lamp). Multiple light sources are the best solution.

The general light from above can be placed on the ceiling in the center. The lighting of the work area should be made more intense; a lamp can also be placed above the dining table. Thus, all areas will be illuminated, you will be comfortable in your cozy kitchen.

Work area, kitchen apron

The layout of the kitchen work area includes:

  • food storage space (cabinets, refrigerator);
  • place for washing (sink);
  • food preparation area;
  • cooking area (cooking equipment).

These zones should be as close to each other as possible, both to save space and for convenience during cooking. The main working area, including the distance from the sink to the stove, should be from 400 to 900 mm. It is not recommended to install the refrigerator and stove next to each other closer than 300 mm.

The work area should be illuminated with small spotlights. To arrange it as a single whole, you need to use a solid tabletop. In order to make the most of the useful space of the kitchen as a work area, you can install an additional tabletop under the window sill, thereby expanding it as shown in the photo. This will create space for a dining table or work table, saving wall space.

It is better to make a kitchen apron from a glossy material so that it reflects light from lamps and the daytime sun. This will make the kitchen seem larger. The design and color scheme of the apron must match either the main shade of the surface finish or be combined with the color of the set. The photo shows ideas on how a kitchen set and apron are made in an organic style.

Dinner Zone

Placing a full-fledged table in a 5-meter Khrushchev-era kitchen is an almost impossible task. In a studio apartment, it can be replaced with a bar counter, which will also serve as a partition. Folding furniture, wide window sills, table tops with adjustable height, and folding tables can also be a good solution.

What to remodel the niche under the window in the kitchen into

When designing Khrushchev apartments in the 1960s, the niche under the window in the kitchen was intended for storing food. Such a cold pantry began to be called the “Khrushchev refrigerator.”

Over time, this decision lost its relevance, and the use of a niche became the subject of interesting design solutions.

In the small kitchens of Khrushchev’s apartments, you want to make the most of every square centimeter of space. The niche under the window is most often converted into additional storage space. Or it is completely removed and thereby increases the working surface or dining area. But there are many other original ideas.

Kitchen-living room

Main article: Design of a kitchen-living room in Khrushchev. To implement such an idea, you just need to tear down the wall. Making a similar project in a Khrushchev-era building is not difficult, since there is no concrete.

After there is no partition left, you need to think about what you will use to decorate the walls and floor.

In general, according to the laws of the genre, it is necessary to make floors of different structures or colors, thereby setting the line. But, in the case of a very modest cubic capacity, it is better to lay exactly the same floor in the living room and kitchen.

The same applies to the ceiling. You don't need any tiers, boxes or arches. It is best if the kitchen and living room are a completely unified ensemble.

Curtains, also, should be the same, not mismatched. Only in this case will the interior look truly harmonious.

Corner kitchens

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