Bathroom design 9 sq. m (54 photos): arrangement ideas and choice of style

Bathroom 9 sq. m - this is a fairly spacious room, it can accommodate not only the most necessary things - plumbing and a washing machine, but also a large linen closet, shelves, a shower stall, as well as other furniture (if desired, a small couch and bedside tables).

White and beige bathroom

If you previously owned a small bathroom, for example, in a Khrushchev-era building, then you may have doubts: how to furnish the room, what kind of cabinet to choose, how to place furniture with taste? First of all, you shouldn't be afraid of empty space. Don't clutter the room! Do you want to install another cabinet? Before you do this, think about why you need it. Reconsider your attitude to laconic design: let your bathroom be 9 square meters. m there will be free space, spaciousness. It looks very modern and gives a feeling of freedom. Minimalist bathrooms are still at the height of fashion. By the way, the idea of ​​space and air in the room is also used to develop the design of a laconic and comfortable bedroom.

Spacious bright bathroom

Principles of room design

So that in the end you are satisfied with the renovation, think carefully about the concept within which you want to decorate the room. Not only the purchase of suitable furniture and plumbing equipment plays a big role. You may have to redesign the bathroom to make it look more harmonious and more comfortable.

Initially, it is necessary to draw up a full-fledged design project for the future interior. It will help you not to get confused in the intricacies of finishing the bathroom, and will also give you the opportunity to clearly see the future room. If you do not want to seek help from a professional designer, you can create a project yourself. To get inspired, look through photos of finished designs. After this, it will be easier for you to place the main accents and think through the design.

Layout features, functionality of the bathroom

Proper planning of the bathroom will allow you to conveniently place everything you need - plumbing, furniture, washing machine, etc.

Before starting repairs, you need to consider the following factors:

  • will the bathroom combine a bathtub and a toilet - in apartments where more than four people live, this is not very convenient,
  • if there are elderly people in the family, a bath is necessary - they feel uncomfortable in the shower stall,
  • the height of plumbing fixtures for children and small adults is made smaller than standard,
  • how many bathrooms are planned in a private house, apartment - in large housing there are often one or two additional ones,
  • the amount of furniture, plumbing fixtures, their dimensions - there will be only what is necessary or everything that physically fits,
  • zoning elements - design using screens, screens, podiums, different colors of walls, floors, lighting,
  • Will this room be just a “washing” place, or will there be a mini-laundry room, a corner for relaxation, and applying makeup?

For clarity, it is advisable to schematically depict everything planned on paper - the arrangement for a square, rectangular room is very different from the layout of an irregularly shaped room.

Enlarging the bathroom visually

Have a bathroom with an area of ​​9 sq. m is a huge plus. However, if you want to make it visually even larger, you can resort to some tricks.

  1. If there is a window in the bathroom, focus on it. Don't cover it with heavy curtains. Your goal is to allow as much sunlight as possible into the room. It is better to limit yourself to light curtains.
  2. In some cases, it makes sense to change the layout and create a combined bathroom. This will enlarge the bathroom not only visually. The room will become much freer, and you will be able to use every square meter. Combining a bathroom with a toilet is not difficult; to do this, you just need to remove the wall separating them. The work requires very little time.
  3. Don't clutter your bathroom with too much furniture. Today the trend is a feeling of free space, a minimum of furnishings in design. Even a large bathroom will look more interesting and comfortable if you leave only the plumbing fixtures and the most necessary furniture in it.
  4. Using these tips, you will easily achieve the desired result.

Selection of sink and bathtub

In a large room you can install an oval or round bathtub. Stylists allow you to use your imagination if the size of the room allows.

Advice! Installing an oval bathtub in a large sanitary room would be ergonomic.

The only drawback of such a bath is that it will require a sufficient amount of free space.

A bathtub in the attic can be equipped with one or several sinks. This decision is especially relevant for a large family.

Attention! It is necessary to think in advance about installing a low sink for small children.

Professionals advise choosing chrome-plated faucets, since in addition to their aesthetic appearance, they have a long service life.

Choosing colors for decoration

A large bathroom can be finished in almost any color scheme. It’s easy to implement a variety of design ideas here. It’s worth starting from the chosen style. The following options can be adapted to any stylistic concept:

  • bright hues. They visually expand the bathroom, creating a feeling of freedom and plenty of fresh air. The choice of tones depends on the desired result. Do you like the feeling of slight coolness? Stop at cool shades of green, blue, white. Do you prefer warm colors that give you a feeling of comfort? Choose pale yellow, soft pink, light green for your bathroom design. In such an interior you will feel peace and complete tranquility;
  • variegated range. If you want to dilute the discreet pastel shades in your bathroom design with bright colors, choose colored tiles or decorative items. They will add dynamism to the interior and will perfectly lift the mood of the owners of the house;
  • classic colors. People who value elegance and time-tested combinations should pay attention to discreet classics. Tones such as black, white, beige, brown, gray always look good. You can decorate your bathroom in monochrome colors. If you choose black, dilute it with light or bright colors. Thanks to the large area, dark shades will not turn the bathroom into a gloomy room with a closed space.

Experiment with colors and create a truly unique bathroom design!

Popular colors

The overall impression of the room depends on the choice of color. The right combination of different shades visually expands or narrows the space.

Ornament and bright decorative elements emphasize the advantages of the layout and create a special atmosphere.


The white color matches the classic design of the shower. It symbolizes purity and gives peace. White sanitary ware is most often found in modern bathrooms. However, it is recommended to dilute the base color with a few bright accessories so that the room does not look boring.


Only in large bathrooms can you experiment with black. This option is suitable for implementing ideas in Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles. However, all-black bathrooms are rare. More often, the design is based on contrast, when light walls and plumbing are combined with black furniture profiles and floors.


Red has an irritating effect on the psyche, so you should not decorate the bathroom only in this color. Zoning looks good using its various shades . If the bathroom is decorated in light shades, it is possible to create a bright accent using an ornament or floral design. In this case, red is suitable as an additional color, and not the main one.

Blue gamma

Marine theme is a popular solution for bathroom design. To implement this idea, all shades of blue in combination with white sanitary ware are suitable. Marine motifs will be emphasized by various accessories made in the same style.

Pink shades

All shades of pink are associated with femininity, romance and youth. Modern apartment owners rarely decorate their bathroom in pink. But if you use cool tones in combination with contrasting black or dark brown, you can achieve unusual combinations that highlight the layout of the room.

Gray palette

Gray color is often used to decorate walls and floors in the bathroom. This is an almost universal shade that allows you to decorate a room in a high-tech style. Gray shades can be used for classic decor. Styles such as modernism and minimalism also use this palette.


Bright orange is chosen by lovers of Mediterranean motifs. This color is perfect for dividing space into zones and creating accents. Orange can act as a base shade or as an additional shade in combination with brown, beige, and light green.

Yellow shades

Yellow looks good with a variety of colors. It can be used with white, green, blue, orange shades. The color of the sun is suitable for finishing in an oriental style.

Yellow accessories can complement classic and rustic designs.

Violet tones

A bathroom decorated in purple tones looks unusual. It should be remembered that deep cold shades of this color visually narrow the space, while light lilacs expand and create a feeling of freedom and weightlessness. It is recommended to make the floor a rich purple. The walls should be several tones lighter. Interesting accessories in the same color scheme will complement the decoration.

Brown scale

The brown color palette is in demand among designers. The most commonly used color is sand and all shades of beige. The floor and individual decorative elements are decorated in dark colors.

Freshness of greens

Light green color, reminiscent of spring grass, is the basic color for creating eco-design. This palette is considered favorable for the psycho-emotional state. Green bathrooms are in demand more than other finishing options.

Selection of suitable finishing materials

In a bathroom with an area of ​​9 sq. m you don’t have to limit yourself to standard tiles. It would be appropriate to combine many different materials here, creating a truly original design. One of the fashionable trends today is the use of tiles that imitate the texture of natural stone. It is much cheaper than real material and has much less weight.

Ceramic tiles are always a popular option for creating a beautiful bathroom design. For a spacious room, both large and small models are suitable. The combination with natural wood looks nontrivial. In this case, choose high-quality products with special impregnation. It will protect the wood from rotting under the influence of high humidity in the bathroom. And with the help of the usual paint and plaster, you can create a stylish design at minimal cost.

Important Items

Don't forget about other important items in the bathroom. For example, about a basket for dirty laundry. Even if the washing machine is located in the kitchen, the basket should still be present in this room.

The picture will be completed by comfortable and stylish shelves on which you can place various products - integral attributes of the bathroom. Having 10 sq. m., it is better to use corner elements, since they will retain functionality, but will take up minimal space.

Another important element of a modern bath is a mirror. To see yourself during hygiene procedures, to perform them more efficiently.

Design solutions in bathroom finishing

When the bathroom area is 9 square meters. m, you can turn on your imagination and realize your wildest ideas. A popular option is to lay a mosaic panel or tile with a pattern on the wall. If you choose a marine or eco-style, you can partially lay out the floor with natural pebbles. It is quite inexpensive, but at the same time creates a special flavor.

Contrasting color combinations will add dynamism and energy to your bathroom design. And smooth transitions of colors from floor to ceiling will look harmonious and unobtrusive.

Bath or shower

Do you need a bath? The modern market offers an excellent alternative - shower cabins. The choice is huge. They differ in material, dimensions, and capabilities. At the same time, the cabin allows you to significantly save space when compared with the option of placing a bathtub. However, you need to remember that no shower can fully replace a bath. And if you still prefer to swim, then it’s worth sacrificing “squares” in favor of this solution.

It should be remembered that a shower stall is an additional option. In addition to the space gained, there is also a functional filling. Therefore, you can get a lot of pleasure from a simple hygiene procedure.

Optimal furniture and plumbing

For a bathroom 9 sq. m, you can safely purchase a large round or oval bathtub. The second option is more ergonomic because it requires less space. It is advisable to choose the toilet and washbasin in the same style so as not to disrupt the integrity of the bathroom design. They can also have both standard and round shapes and even be decorated with graceful protrusions and curves.

Since you have a lot of free space, you can install two sinks in the bathroom - one for adults, the second for children. Area 9 sq. m allows you to place, in addition to the bathtub, a shower stall. Don't forget about the cabinet and countertop where you will store your bath accessories.

Combined bathroom

If you need to create an interior in a combined bathroom, you should pay attention to which corner of the room the toilet and bidet will be placed. However, you can save space in your bathroom and set aside a small space for a device that combines a toilet, bidet and air purifier.

This solution will appeal to people who have a special attitude towards cleanliness. The coating of such a toilet is easy to clean, which means that you will be able to avoid the formation of a large number of bacteria.

If you are going to create a bathroom in a modern design, you should pay attention to such a problem as the presence of a large number of pipes. Nowadays it is customary to solve this issue using special cladding.

As for installing the toilet, it is better to give preference to wall-hung models. They have original flush buttons that decorate the wall and control the pressure.

Choosing suitable lighting

For a bathroom with an area of ​​8 sq. m did not seem dim and gloomy, try to equip it with a sufficient number of light sources. A win-win option is spotlights. They do not require large expenditures and always look neat, combining with the design of a bathroom in any style. Original sconces can be fixed on the walls of this room. Elegant chandeliers or pendant lamps will fit perfectly into a classic or art deco design. Good lighting in the bathroom will fully convey all the charm of the chosen style.

Washing machine

This is an important element of any bathroom. Having 10 square meters available, placing a washing machine in such a cramped space is a problem. Therefore, if opportunities permit, it is better to place the washing machine in another place, for example, in the kitchen. Many modern families have resolved the issue in exactly this way. At least, access to water and sewerage in the kitchen is provided properly, which means ease of installation is ensured. Very often a built-in modification is used, which allows you to integrate the device into a kitchen set.

If this option is not suitable: you think that the washing machine should be in the bathroom, it is worth considering how to properly lay out the layout of this room in order to place it. It is important not to just install the device near the water supply and sewer outlet. It is worth considering the placement in such a way that this device does not interfere with movement, loading and unloading laundry can be done comfortably, and the machine should not take up much space. A simple solution is to hide it under the sink. It is necessary to choose the right size and shape so that they are combined with the dimensions of the washing machine. This solution is very convenient to use.

Nuances of decorating a bathroom with a window

The presence of a window in the bathroom further expands the room, allows you to place live potted plants here, and allows you to significantly save on electricity. In the morning they take a shower under the rays of the sun, and at night they admire the stars in a bath with aromatic foam. A window decorated with transparent glass requires protection from prying eyes with textile curtains, selected for a certain style, using blinds or roller blinds. Glass with one-way visibility, colored stained glass, is also used.

Accessories, bathroom decor

The most interesting accessory is a decorative fountain, mini-waterfall, and illuminated air bubble panels. In the absence of a real one, a false light window with an image of a sea or forest landscape will do. Also often used:

  • live, artificial plants,
  • original towel hangers,
  • hand painted cabinets,
  • homemade frescoes on the walls,
  • paintings with fish, mermaids, the underwater world,
  • decor of mirrors with shells,
  • original shelves made from parts of Euro pallets,
  • textile wall organizers,
  • decorative fireplace.

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