Paintings in the living room above the sofa: which painting to hang according to Feng Shui (11 photos)

To add individuality to the interior of the hall, many owners use an effective technique - paintings. This move has been tested by time, and modern solutions allow you to decorate the room in an original way and harmoniously complement the chosen style. Depending on personal preferences, you can choose suitable paintings for the room, which will reflect the aesthetic tastes of the owners.

Modern solutions

Previously, not everyone could afford to use such a decorative attribute as paintings for interior decoration, primarily because of its high cost. Usually this was the privilege of wealthy people; the decor added sophistication and luxury to the room.

However, modern technology has radically changed the situation. Today, anyone can choose and hang on the wall in the hall:

  1. A painting you like by a famous artist, or rather a high-quality reproduction of it.
  2. Collage of your favorite photos.
  3. Original poster.

But in order to understand which painting is best to hang in the living room above the sofa, it is advisable to first become familiar with today’s current execution techniques and popular interior styles in which the use of images may be most appropriate.

Advice. If you don’t have deep or even superficial knowledge of painting, you need to listen to your own feelings when choosing a painting. The heart will definitely suggest a reasonable decision. But at the same time, we should not forget about the competent combination of sizes and color content of the works with the style of the interior.

The main sectors and areas of the room according to Feng Shui

Earthly energy creates harmonious and inharmonious structures, the location of which in space cannot be changed. But you can try to place the most important places and areas in the apartment in such a way that they do not end up in a negative flow and do not have a destructive effect on people’s lives. Furniture, household items, even the color of the wallpaper affect the condition of the residents. With the help of Feng Shui, you can attract positive energy into your home, giving vitality.

Using the Bagua grid and compass to determine the cardinal directions, experts determine the areas responsible for individual spheres. The areas of all these zones are the same, which suggests that if you treat all areas of your activity equally, you can achieve harmonious development.

First of all, they find the quarry zone, which is located in the north. The main element is water, the nourishing element is metal. They are decorated in blue and black colors of various tones. A suitable painting that should always be hung on the wall, small figurines and floor vases in this range are especially appropriate. The image of a turtle, symbolizing endurance and constant movement forward, will be a good support for those who dream of actively moving up the career ladder. Since the zone belongs to the water element, installing an aquarium in this place would be a good idea. If some part of the work is done at home, the computer and telephone are placed there. Any items with corporate symbols and photographs of the entire team will have an additional impact.

The northwest is a travel and travel zone. Here you can place a figurine of an angel or a picture of him. Now you don’t have to worry: a guardian angel will look after the tourist.

The family zone is in the east. It belongs to the element of wood; water is considered the nourishing element. The main color of the design is green. A living flower, wooden souvenirs, children's crafts, and family photos will enhance the energy. But dried flowers, things or photographs of deceased family members, stuffed animals or beloved pets cannot be placed in this area. You should refrain from placing sharp objects and thorny plants in the family sector, as this may contribute to the emergence of conflict situations. Metal products also need to be placed in a different location.

The south of the house is the glory zone. Responsible for social status and position. Activation of this sector with the help of well-deserved awards and personal diplomas will contribute to the clarity of future achievements and successes, progress towards them, and recognition of work as necessary and necessary for society. The main element is fire, the nourishing element is wood. Colors are red and green.

The West is responsible for creativity and relationships with children. The main element is metal, the feeding element is earth. Activation colors: golden, white, gray, yellow, silver. Relationships with children, problems of education, as well as the implementation of chosen plans, the materialization of desires, and the realization of personality in sports and art depend on this sector. If you have problems with conception, you should arrange this place especially carefully.

The central part of the room is responsible for health. The main element is earth, the nourishing element is fire. The sector affects not only a person’s well-being, but also his speed of recovery after exhausting work or illness. Due to its special location, it affects all areas and spheres of life. When properly activated, positive Chi energy will enhance all other aspects.

How to make a choice: popular execution techniques

It is rational to choose paintings for the hall for a certain design style, depending on the technique of their implementation.

  • Oil paintings will look appropriate in a classic style, especially if they are framed in an elegant baguette.
  • Abstract-themed works, created using oil paints and a palette knife, can become a harmonious addition to a modern interior.

  • If you want to decorate a room in your apartment with a gallery of small paintings or want to decorate areas in a modest-sized room, light watercolor painting would be an excellent option. These can be beautiful flowers or landscapes that will successfully take their place in an interior decorated in a Mediterranean style, as well as country, Provence, and shabby chic.
  • The answer to the question “what paintings should I hang above the sofa?” may be the use of works made with acrylic paint. They will complement retro interiors or rooms decorated in pop art style.
  • Posters are a popular option that is optimal for use in a Scandinavian-style apartment or in an interior in high-tech, loft and minimalist styles.

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  • Massive graphics can become an accent element of eclectic interiors. Such a painting will look especially good under glass in a thin frame.
  • An alternative option for oil paintings or posters would be photographs. They can be stylized as paintings, because if these are not just portraits from another photo shoot, the distinctive feature of such images will certainly be their artistic value.
  • Decorative attributes made using printing techniques on canvas cannot be categorized as paintings or posters. They are not able to convey all the sophistication of the original work (the sophistication of the artist’s strokes, the depth of color). However, thanks to such images, you can hang famous reproductions in your apartment. This is an affordable decor option that allows you to decorate artistic photos in the form of paintings.

Classic or modern: which painting to choose for the living room interior?

A huge number of people do not pay due attention to the importance of paintings in the interior of the living room, but they are the ones who can tell about the tastes of the owners. When choosing the design of your home, it is important to listen to your heart first. Rich classics, with wooden furniture, paintings in massive, exclusive gold baguettes, modern and modest, but such original minimalism, art deco, with posters on the walls, all this is a matter of taste.

Light, small watercolors framed with white fields will look good in any setting.

It is important that there are paintings in the interior of the living room, that they continue its plot, complement and decorate it, but what exactly the image will be, its color, palette, is a secondary issue.

Landscapes, flowers, abstractions, portraits, posters depicting family members, photos and much more are perfect for her. What should be avoided is aggression; it is better to avoid a crocodile or a tiger with an open mouth, bladed weapons, as well as scenes of violence. This is an area of ​​relaxation and peace; it should not contain negative emotions and energy.

Paintings with flowers calm and restore spiritual harmony

Massive painting with a thematic plot

Such works require a lot of free space. The image can be made on canvas in oil or using photo printing. It is better to hang medium-sized works at eye level, while large variations will occupy almost all the free space above the sofa.

Advice. The subject of the image should be positive and calm. There is no need to choose pictures that will cause anxiety or have a depressing effect. Beautiful and inspiring works without negativity will help you relax after everyday work and create the good mood necessary to conquer inaccessible peaks.

Mountains and landscapes for the bedroom

In the bedroom you should only place paintings with images of quiet places that radiate peace and serenity. A mountain, a lying stone or a boulder are symbols of constancy. And the design of a waterfall with its swiftness and sparkling splashes is best installed in the hall or living room. A quiet river and lake are indispensable companions of forests and mountains. Such paintings create an atmosphere of comfort and beauty. Bridges connecting two banks are not always appropriate in a family bedroom. It is better not to bring the painting into the apartment at all, which depicts a raised bridge.

Symmetry when positioned horizontally

This method will help bring some order to the environment. At your own discretion, you can create a composition from several, usually three, paintings. Two of them located on the sides may be slightly larger in size, and the picture in the center may be smaller, or vice versa. The main task is to maintain symmetry along the top or bottom edge in the form of a horizontal line.

Geometric rigor of forms

Group symmetry will allow you to fill the empty space on the wall above the sofa while observing the strict geometry of the forms. Depending on the available space, there can be four or more images. It is important to observe their harmonious combination and the specified distance horizontally and vertically. Numerous artistic photographs can help you correctly complement the interior in this way.

Group location

This method will help harmoniously group small-sized paintings. In the center of the combination there will be a larger piece, and around it there will be smaller images. The works must be similar in style, theme and color. This option can produce the same effect as modular paintings that are fashionable today. These can be city or natural landscapes, favorite photos, images of flowers or other scenes. The main thing is that they give pleasant emotions and charge with positivity.

Advice. When deciding how to place the painting above the sofa in the living room, it is important to understand that it will certainly become an accent element of the room. Therefore, here you should start first of all from personal aesthetic tastes and only then pay attention to the execution technique, size, and plot.

One of the modern ways to decorate the space of a hall can be the use of paintings. The variety of available solutions opens up enormous scope for owners to be creative. But the most important thing is that the painting hung in the living room above the sofa (or a combination of paintings) pleases the owners and harmoniously complements the chosen design style, making the interior warmer and more comfortable.

Choosing the color of paintings according to Feng Shui

Modern design trends change priority color schemes every year, and the tones in feng shui paintings retain their characteristics for many centuries. They help a person develop harmoniously, become more confident and calm, and depend less on circumstances. The colors themselves are symbols, for example:

  • blue - regardless of shade and tone, carries the energy of freedom, helps to concentrate in time;
  • purple is the color of the social elite, royal dynasties;
  • green is the most balanced and universal, in any room it has a positive effect on a person;
  • yellow - improves health, promotes business contacts.

Choosing paintings based on the main color will help you maintain your health and improve your mood. A correctly selected panel for a nursery will calm nimble little ones and cheer up the quiet ones a little.

Feng Shui images have a strong influence on a person's life. Some are able to bring happiness and joy, others - career advancement, and still others - improve family life. However, not all paintings are like this. Some can cause negative emotions and bring trouble into life. Before choosing this or that painting, you need to carefully select the drawings and correctly place them in your apartment.

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