Layout of a one-room apartment: ideas for design projects with photos

In a tiny one-room apartment you need to place all the necessary furniture. In addition to wardrobes, a bed, and a dining table, you need a comfortable workplace with a computer. The kitchen should be convenient for cooking. We need to find a place for a refrigerator, oven, and dishwasher. It is not at all clear where to place a washing machine with an ironing board.

The cramped conditions of 1-room apartments with an area of ​​up to 40 m2 require great ingenuity from the owner. There are many conflicting problems to be solved. I would like to choose a design that will at least visually expand the size of the rooms and give a feeling of home comfort. Let's look at how to choose the optimal plan for a one-room apartment, arrange furniture, and decide on a color palette and style.

Tips for planning a one-room apartment

The main principle of planning a one-room apartment is to effectively use all available space. Residents should be comfortable while resting, working, and cooking.

To save space, it is better to give preference to low and “light” pieces of furniture

Basic tips for remodeling a one-room apartment:

  • Doors should not block the passage. Sliding structures fit well into small apartments.
  • It is better to choose furniture with glossy facades - due to glare, the room will be better illuminated.
  • Wall sconces will help add volume to rooms.
  • In the bedroom, it is better to place the entrance door closer to the outer wall, which will allow you to install the bed in the most illuminated area - by the window.

Standard layout of a one-room apartment
A common recommendation is to use lamps to transform the interior. Spot lighting of certain areas allows you to increase the comfort of work, transform decorative elements, and place the necessary accents.

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Furniture and decor

All cabinets in the interior were made to order from laminated chipboard (budget solution) according to the sketches of the author of the project. The emphasis was placed on smooth white facades - they look lighter, accents were placed using dark brown elements with panels.

A compact chest of drawers for the hallway and a dining group for the kitchen were selected from IKEA. Here they also found a bed with drawers for a child, and tall dark brown cabinets and a shelving unit. “The color of the interior was set by the sofa,” says Natalya. “We really liked the deep blue color of the upholstery.”

The challenge for the designer was to fit a washing machine into a small bathroom and still have enough storage space. A shower stall would not solve the problem, since its width is at least 800 mm, which means installing a sink would be problematic. As a result, we decided to install a bathtub 1 meter long, which made it possible to place a top-loading washing machine and leave room for a full-fledged, albeit small, cabinet. The bathtub has become a compromise between the child and the adults: the parents use it as a shower, the child takes a bath.

Space optimization

When decorating windows, it is rational to use the area of ​​the window sills. In the kitchen, this area is suitable for installing a kettle or multicooker. In the bedroom, the window sill can be extended and used instead of a bedside table. In a living room or children's room, it is easy to use it to create a table or a place for arranging accessories.

Window sill-shelf adds coziness to the room

It is better to order a kitchen set according to the size of the room. Optimal furniture - with built-in household appliances. Instead of several small cabinets, it is better to install one large one.

The best furniture option for a one-room apartment is multifunctional folding structures. It can be transformed depending on the situation. The podium in front of the bed can be used to store large items, and the coffee table is suitable for small items.

When buying furniture for a one-room apartment, it is worth considering that the most successful style is functional minimalism. These items are distinguished by their simplicity and severity of form.

Functional minimalism is an ideal solution for a one-room apartment

Important! A child under 7 years old can sleep in the same room with his parents, but for a teenager it is necessary to arrange a separate room.

If the crib is located in the parent's room, it must be fenced off from the adult area. The child needs to be provided with the most restful sleep and rest. If a family with two children lives in an apartment, it is necessary to consider the placement of two beds and two study corners. The student desk should be well lit. Even if it is located near a window, you will need to install a table lamp.

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The apartment has a separate bathroom with an area of ​​2.1 square meters. Initially, the family did not consider installing a shower stall, despite the fact that it would save space. A bath is still much more rational in a family with small children. There is a shelf above the bathtub for shower accessories.

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Furniture arrangement

The basic rule for arranging furniture in a one-room apartment is that all items should be combined and create comfort. In small rooms you should not place bulky wardrobes and wide beds.

Advice! It is difficult to fit a full-fledged desk in a one-room apartment, so a folding design would be the best option.

White furniture on a dark gray background looks miniature.
When optimizing the bedroom space, you can install a sofa bed instead of a bed. During the day, the room turns into a spacious living room or relaxation room. The advantages of such furniture are that they are equipped with spacious drawers for bed linen.

Built-in wardrobes with glass doors expand a small room and practically do not stand out from the rest of the furniture. It is better to choose a design with a large number of shelves and various racks.

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Living room

The living room, alas, is also small and is only 17.8 square meters. To save space, it was decided to install a wardrobe bed. The design was made to order. Inside the cabinet there is a special place for an ironing board, vacuum cleaner and iron. Bed linen, clothes, books and all sorts of small items are also stored in the closet.

In the living room we managed to place:

  • computer;
  • TV;
  • bunk bed for children;
  • Desk;
  • children's table;
  • hanger for casual clothes;
  • dresser.

When the children were very small, instead of a bunk bed there was a crib and a small sofa.

Tricks for expanding space

To prevent the interior design of a one-room apartment from being overloaded with details or, conversely, too boring, you need to follow a few tricks. The basic rule is to decorate the walls and ceiling correctly. For finishing you need to choose light materials.

Workplace in the living room

Important! A large mirror will expand the space of even the smallest room. It can decorate a cabinet door or be placed on a wall in a well-lit area.

Vertical stripes and diamonds in the wallpaper can visually raise the ceiling. And if you choose low furniture for the room, you can create the illusion of free space.

For a narrow room, painting one wall a dark color is suitable. This technique allows you to visually move the opposite wall away. This trick works both in living rooms and in the kitchen.

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Redevelopment of the apartment was impossible: the wall between the room and the kitchen is load-bearing. “It was possible, of course, to cut an opening between the kitchen and the room (subject to the obligatory condition of strengthening the wall), but firstly, this would significantly increase the budget, and secondly, customers like to gather guests, so the kitchen had to remain isolated,” - Natalya comments.


The designer did not split up the small apartment with various finishing materials: the floor in the hallway, room and kitchen was covered with Egger laminate, and the walls were covered with Rasch wallpaper. The apron in the kitchen was lined with black ceramic tiles (Kerama Marazzi). The ceilings were suspended everywhere.

“Of the overall concept, only the bathtub stands out. In order to preserve the integrity of the perception of the interior, we used porcelain tiles from Kerama Marazzi for finishing the walls and floors,” says the designer.


Correct zoning of a one-room apartment is a good way to properly distribute space.

Eco-style apartment design

Subtleties of zoning:

  • On the apartment plan, you need to mark different functional areas with your own colors. This will make it easier to perceive them as separate zones during the renovation process.
  • Even in small apartments it is worth changing the floor and ceiling levels. This is one of the simplest methods of zoning.
  • Attention can be focused on different areas using lighting. Spotlights, wall sconces, and work surface lighting elements are suitable for this.
  • Large pieces of furniture are suitable for separating different areas of the apartment.

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Methods for successful zoning of premises

Arches, shelving, various partitions, screens, curtains and even lighting - there are many ways to divide a room. The comfort and comfort of the residents will depend on their location and type.

Changing levels

If the height of the ceilings allows, you should consider dividing the room in such a way as changing levels. They change not only the floor level, but also the ceiling. The result is zones that are highlighted in a special way.

Basically, they raise the floor under the bedroom PHOTO:

Not only a bed is placed on a raised platform, but also a work area for an adult or student PHOTO:

Color as a space delimiter

The choice of color allows you to differentiate the elements of the apartment at a visual level. This does not mean that you need to take a separate color of the rainbow for each zone.

Two colors can be placed quite successfully PHOTO:

Light shades help illuminate the room, making the room seem more spacious. A cool color scheme is notable for the fact that objects in such a room will appear further away from each other, while with warm colors the situation is exactly the opposite.

Shades and colors can overlap from different zones PHOTO:

Stripes in the interior help to highlight not only any area, but also create the effect of expansion or vertical increase in space.

It is better to make the sleeping area several shades darker PHOTO:

The color of the flooring, as well as its texture, plays the same role.

Partitions and sliding doors

Due to the small area of ​​one-room apartments, no one installs large partitions in them. This is also a kind of saving of centimeters, while creating several zones or mini-rooms. It is better to choose plasterboard or glass as a material for partitions.

Stylish glass partitions will not make the room dark PHOTO:

It is not necessary to make the wall solid. Decor is also necessary PHOTO:

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When arranging apartments, partitions are popular for zoning space in a room . In this review we will show examples of well-executed division of space.

Sliding doors between rooms also perfectly save space without interfering with passage.

Such doors separate the living room from the bedroom PHOTO:

Screens and curtains

Screens are a necessary part of oriental styles, but they can also be used in modern styles.

Folding screens with a slight effect of a barely visible silhouette look intriguing, separating the bedroom from the rest of the apartment PHOTO:

The style of the screen is selected to match the surrounding interior. But this is not a stationary device. If desired, it can be easily moved or removed PHOTO:

It has become fashionable to use curtains not only on windows, but also in the space of the room. Some people zone the room with transparent textiles, while others prefer dense options.

Kiss curtains do not make the space “heavier” PHOTO:

The separation of the bedroom occurs in the blink of an eye PHOTO:

Shelving: zoning for use

The rack is convenient not just as a room division item. Obviously, this is a great way to display decorations or place books, permanent accessories, a TV remote control or headphones.

If the lighting allows, then living indoor plants will improve the appearance of the room PHOTO:

Compact library and apartment division PHOTO:

Lighting: the right angle, perfect results

Lighting helps make the apartment visually more spacious and comfortable. There may be enough light from the windows during the daytime, but the sun does not shine around the clock, so we approach the choice of lighting devices wisely.

A floor lamp takes up a lot of space, it is better to pay attention to the spots and sconces. An LED strip can help with zoning by highlighting some part of the room. There is a ceiling chandelier above the central place.

The central place can be highlighted with lighting at the ceiling level PHOTO:

Studio apartments are demanding on the correct placement of lighting fixtures as a component of room zoning PHOTO:

It is better to choose your own lighting system for each zone. In this case, the direction of light will really separate the zones PHOTO:

Types of layout

In the cramped conditions of a one-room apartment, you have to fit all the necessary furniture. The layout needs to be thought out based on the area and configuration of the premises.

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The advantage of a typical one-room apartment layout is good lighting. The main disadvantage is the high noise level. It is better to place a living room or study/work area near the window. When setting up a one-room apartment with a standard layout, it is worth addressing a number of issues related to:

  • wall decoration;
  • selection and arrangement of furniture;
  • searching for compromises when arranging space.

A typical one-room apartment is suitable for 1-3 people. Often such housing is looked after by families with 1 and 2 children. In these cases, you need to focus on the functionality of furniture and zoning of space.

Light colors expand the space

Preparation for redevelopment of a one-room apartment includes:

  • drawing up a plan of all premises, taking into account the features of their location;
  • cost estimation for building materials;
  • the dawn of the cost of work;
  • selection of furniture according to size and style;
  • viewing the communication diagram.

The renovation starts with the kitchen. The room has a cooking area and a dining area. The space should be as illuminated as possible. The optimal floor covering is tiles.

When arranging a small kitchen, you need to focus on installing custom-made furniture

The living area in a one-room apartment should be located as far as possible from the entrance. It will serve as both a relaxation area and a living room. It is important to create good lighting here.

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Non-standard layout

Original layout options are typical for apartments in frame and brick houses. In some cases, kitchens and living spaces are expanded through the use of bay windows and adjacent loggias.

In a non-standard one-room apartment you can experiment with colors and decor

Apartments with non-standard layouts can have a variety of configurations:

  • fan-shaped;
  • spherical;
  • polygonal.

The living room can be divided into an area with upholstered furniture and a place for drinking tea.
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Studio apartment layout

When decorating the space of a studio apartment, it is worth considering certain rules:

  • It is necessary to ensure good ventilation so that all odors disappear immediately after cooking.
  • The sleeping area should be as far away from the front door as possible.
  • In the kitchen-dining room it is recommended to create a bar counter or a wide window-sill table.
  • It is better to combine the balcony with the living room. Due to this, the space will increase and the lighting will improve.
  • The finishing of the bathroom should be done using moisture-resistant materials.

The ideal solution for a dressing room in a studio apartment is to install a wardrobe.

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Zoning the bedroom and nursery

If the child has already left infancy, there is a need to allocate personal space and create privacy with the help of partitions. When planning a studio apartment for a family with a child, in order to separate the bedroom and nursery, use:

  • a thick curtain that harmoniously combines with textiles and finishing materials - a string or cornice is attached to the ceiling, the curtain not only creates privacy, but also shades the room and provides a comfortable sleeping environment

  • glass block - a hollow brick made of durable glass with a matte smooth or lumpy surface has soundproofing properties and looks beautiful in the interior;
  • mobile screens - folding, screen, flexible designs are available for sale

  • interior blinds with plastic, metal, wooden slats - they do not overload the space, but also do not have durability (the slats are easy to damage);

  • decorative plasterboard partitions - you can create either a laconic, flat wall or an original figured structure (solid or with gaps);

  • island rack - this element will not only delimit the space, but also provide space for storing small items.

Layout options for a one-room Khrushchev house

Particular attention should be paid to the redevelopment of one-room “Khrushchev” apartments with an approximate area of ​​30 square meters. m. They are impractical, airy and lack a vestibule. Taking into account these features of standard-type Khrushchev buildings, it is worth considering a number of changes:

  • Separate bathtubs and toilets should be combined, which will increase comfort while bathing.
  • The wall in the hallway should be removed to get a studio layout.
  • You need to carefully consider the placement of each piece of furniture in the kitchen and living area.

Bedroom in pastel colors
Effective zoning of space - lay ceramic tiles in the kitchen, and laminate flooring in the living room-bedroom. The pantry can be easily converted into a wardrobe, which will significantly expand the space. This area can even be combined with a living space.

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To visually expand the space in a one-room Khrushchev-butterfly apartment, it is enough to lay one covering throughout the entire apartment. Laminate or parquet is perfect for this purpose.

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Improved Khrushchev - Czech

Since not all walls in “Czech” frames are load-bearing, they can be rebuilt without the approval of the housing inspectorate. A cramped corridor can be easily expanded by rounding the corners of the walls.

Look at more options for the interior of a Khrushchev building - the article contains original ideas and simple design rules.

Please come in

Any apartment begins with a corridor. The area of ​​this is only 4.8 square meters. The couple found an interesting solution for decorating the walls. The coating used is a practically vandal-proof laminate. Designers recommend this building material to all families with children and those living with animals.

The ceiling in the corridor is suspended. A white matte shade was used. Built-in LED lamps are provided for lighting.

The floor has glossy tiles. This approach ensures easy maintenance, durability and visually increases the space. A high white plinth adds completeness to the interior. As an additional bonus, there is a heated floor in the hallway. This is especially true in the fall, when the central heating is not yet turned on.

The couple decided not to change the front door. However, a light-colored panel was glued to the inside of the apartment and the lock was changed to a more modern one.

One-room apartments under the renovation program - layout

Housing renovation is a program for reconstructing the housing stock. Dilapidated buildings will be demolished and new houses will be built in their place. Apartments with a separate bathroom will have an area of ​​44.42 square meters. m, with combined – 44.78 sq. m. m. Changes in the layout of one-room housing under the renovation program:

  • The kitchen will almost double in size - it will be 10.92 m.
  • Instead of a combined bathroom there will be 2 rooms.
  • A façade basket for the air conditioner will be placed on the balcony.
  • The hallway area will increase by more than 50%.
  • A niche will appear between the living room and kitchen, which can later be demolished.

Changes in the layout under the renovation program
In general, one-room apartments have become more spacious, and it has also become possible to equip an insulated loggia.

How to carry out a real redevelopment

There is really only one way to expand the space - by carrying out a real redevelopment. To do this, a small-sized apartment will need to be turned into a studio, eliminating all the walls, the only exception being those that separate the bathroom. Sometimes such drastic changes are not practical; it is enough to just move the walls a little. Some designers use an extraordinary technique, working specifically on doorways, moving them to the most suitable place for this.

It is very important that in order to undertake such radical changes, you should have the relevant documents on hand. The idea of ​​moving or completely eliminating load-bearing walls must be abandoned immediately, since such alterations cause the collapse of a multi-story building. Consider another way to expand the usable space by combining the room with a niche or loggia. Often this frees up only two to three meters, but even this area can radically change the overall impression of the renovated home.

Storage system in a one-room apartment

A successful layout of a one-room apartment allows you to solve the problem of storing large items, bed linen, clothes, shoes. Let's look at proven solutions.

Loggia or balcony

If a one-room apartment has a loggia, it should not be turned into a warehouse for unnecessary things. However, organizing additional storage space is definitely worth it.

As an original solution, you can choose a folding table or a folding chair. It is easy to place a bicycle or large objects in the wall.

Storage system by size

Custom-made furniture will make the most efficient use of usable space. When developing individual storage systems, you can choose designs with hinged or sliding doors. Taking into account the characteristics of the room, the internal content and size of the compartments can be determined.

Low furniture is great for cramped conditions in a one-room apartment

Wall behind the sofa

Shelving and compact wall cabinets are great for placing above a sofa or bed. With their help, you can organize a kind of niche for storing small things.

Low but practical shelves above the sofa

Corner shelves

Allowing empty corners in a one-room apartment is an unaffordable luxury. They can be arranged using light shelves, tables or shelves.


For studio apartments, organizing space by installing a bed on a podium is suitable. Under it there will be a niche for things. Drawers will save space and create a stylish interior design for a one-room apartment.


There was also room for a dressing room. An area of ​​1.3 square meters accommodates all large family items and stores out-of-season clothing.

The walls are decorated with beige wallpaper. There are tiles on the floor and a suspended ceiling on the ceiling.

A so-called pantry was allocated for the dressing room. There is a fully thought out storage system here, including:

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  • two rods for things;
  • a large number of shelves for shoes, husband’s tools, suitcases and other small items.

There are hooks for outerwear. And special holders are screwed in for mops. Here in the winter the family stores winter equipment in the form of sleds, skis and cheesecakes, and in the summer - bicycles and scooters.

How to turn a one-room apartment into a two-room apartment

To make 2 rooms in a one-room apartment, you will have to install a stationary partition. A walk-through area with access to the kitchen can be designated as a children's area. In the work area it is worth placing shelves for textbooks and a comfortable table. It is better to make it corner to save space.

It is better to place the workplace away from the bed

Two-room apartment with an artificial window

A one-room apartment with an open plan can be easily divided into 2 living areas. You can allocate 9 square meters for a bedroom. m., and the kitchen and living room will occupy 13-14 sq. m. Between the nursery and the bedroom a partition with a window made of opaque glass should be erected. Thanks to this solution, a lot of natural light enters the passage room.

A narrow closet behind the bed is a smart way to save space

Euro-room apartment from a 1-room apartment

This layout can be made from a one-room apartment of 44 square meters. m. A bedroom is set up in the kitchen, and the cooking area is moved to the living room. The supporting structure between the rooms can be left intact. To make a narrow space visually wider, they resort to several techniques

  • place built-in wardrobes;
  • install a wide mirror in the kitchen, which will increase natural light;
  • choose a plain finish;
  • Install sliding doors to separate rooms.

Layout of a 1-room apartment with a table and a bed

Two-room apartment from Khrushchev

The area of ​​a standard one-room Khrushchev house is only 33 square meters. m. If the apartment is corner, you can place a bedroom, wardrobe and living room in the living area. Light will enter the living area from 3 windows.

For the redevelopment to be legal, the gasified kitchen should be separated by a partition. To make it convenient to watch the TV from any part of the living room, it is better to install it on a movable bracket. In the bedroom you need to choose a place for a spacious but compact closet. Furniture with a mirror on the facade is suitable for this room.

Look at the design option for an apartment of 37 sq. m - the article contains practical and original solutions.


The toilet is quite tiny, but no less cozy. Its area is only 0.7 square meters.

The washing machine is installed directly above the toilet. Moreover, it is equipped with a drying system. To realize the idea, a special metal frame was welded and lined with mosaics. Thus, the structure is completely invisible, and the washing machine does not take up extra space.

Layout of a one-room apartment for a family with a child

The main task when remodeling a one-room apartment for a family with a child is to organize a cozy and functional children's corner. It will become both a place for study and a student’s personal space.

The learning area should not contain flashy colors or bright images.

To make the conditions comfortable for the child, it is worth connecting the corridor to the living room. A bunk bed will allow you to save space in the nursery. Below you can create a compact work area with a table and drawers.

Important! The upper sleeping area of ​​a bunk bed is suitable for children from 5-6 years old.

In a children's room, you should avoid bright color accents and flashy decorative elements. They can overexcite a child’s psyche, which is why he may not calm down for a long time.

For wall decoration, it is better to choose green or light blue paint. This color scheme creates an atmosphere of calm.

Design of a one-room apartment 36 sq. m.

The issue of arranging a small room should always be approached thoughtfully, paying attention to the choice of colors and the correct arrangement of furniture. First of all, you need to allocate space for a spacious dressing room. To do this, you can use an existing pantry or artificially build a niche. There must be sliding doors here, since swing doors in a small room take up already scarce space.

You can use curtains to zone the room. And when choosing a structure made of plasterboard, you should make it as airy as possible, using all kinds of open shelves, slots, niche lighting, etc.

In such an apartment, no more than 6 square meters are usually allocated for the kitchen. m. Therefore, furniture should be placed perpendicularly. Additionally, you can use a window sill, making it from the same material as the tabletop. It is better to place the oven at approximately eye level, placing a built-in microwave on top. The lower tier will have a washing machine and dishwasher.

If the layout allows, then it is better to combine the bathroom with the toilet. To make the room more spacious, a shower cabin is installed instead of a bathtub.

The only room in such an apartment has several functions at once. It is a recreation area, a guest room and a work office. All furniture should be compact and multifunctional. The sofa, bed and armchairs should be selected with compartments designed for storing things. The table should also be compact and transformable.

Interior of a one-room apartment 40 sq. m.

This area can be enough to accommodate 3 or even 4 people, provided that every centimeter is used correctly. And first of all, you need to sort out the storage of things. An ideal option would be a corner wardrobe or a tall wardrobe with sliding doors.

If the width of the hallway is more than 3 m, then the closet can be placed here. To make it really roomy, it is better to make it to order, taking into account the height of the ceilings. Ideally, the doors will be folding or sliding.

It is also recommended to choose folding or sliding furniture. Any transformable furniture is the best friend of small apartments.

And don't forget about the loggia. At a minimum, it is suitable for storing things to free up additional space in the apartment.

Design of a one-room apartment 45-50 sq. m.

Here you can already think about rational zoning in order to make the room as functional as possible. For this purpose, partitions, air niches, glass or mirror surfaces are used.

There is no need to overload a one-room apartment with decorative elements. It is enough to place interesting objects in several places, and hide everything else in closed cabinets.

You can install a large bed in the sitting area, covering it with a partition made of glass or plasterboard, a screen, a textile curtain or other materials. If there is a child in the family, then there should be no TV in the recreation area. It would be more appropriate in the guest area, next to a small folding sofa.

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